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    @F7YO Thank you! I can make the working hours adjustable yes but i won't do it for the starting times as every job has its own. As for the income there is already the "PayMultiplier" in the settings :)

    hace 4 días
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    @mitto_backup you can use Franklin as a boss yes but there is no black mafia yet. I will add more mob styles along with updates.

    hace 7 días
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    @VileMaverick it doesn't seem so immersive to me but i will think about it.
    @Maurox yes i get what you mean, i think i can do it for some airplane and helicopter models (seats swapping without leaveing the vehicle). About the combat i don't have that issue the partner should never attack you... make sure it's not a conflict with another mod.

    hace 8 días
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    @bigf sounds like a conflict with another mod
    @twothreecortez the drug dealing job is already there. (crumbs to pigeons)... Not sure what you mean
    @XibblE_DK go to the hideout marker, there you can join the gang
    @elbeko huh? Just go to the hideout and choose to leave the gang...
    @gamerq0011 replace the gameconfig.Xml with the original one or change manually the values listed on the description

    hace 8 días
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    @VileMaverick I'm afraid not
    @TOWUnderR Glad you managed it! Thanks.
    @Maurox 1) Can't stop an airplane mid-air, but you don't have to dismiss him/her, if you parachute out the partner will jump and use a parachute too! 2) I see what you mean i'll check that out and see what i can do. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    hace 9 días
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    @VileMaverick I don't have that bug. I think it may be a conflict.
    @Kilo5864 install them again / update them to the last version. It's the only reason it doesn't work.
    @AlcheMistress Thank you!

    5 de enero de 2022
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    @dorsk89 glad you manged it!
    @elsanhoty always be sure to have the requirements
    @zizibaluzion Thank you. The FPS loss is an issue i can't do much about it. I see that some people have it when there are too many/bad made mods active. Every running script will eat a bit of your CPU and that causes fps loss. Personally with all my mods installed (the ones i made) i don't experience any loss and that's why it is diffcult for me to fix that problem. I can only suggest to try to remove some other mods and keep only the essential ones.

    22 de diciembre de 2021
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    @tobu24 thanks for the rating. Sex stuff will eventually be added in future updates
    @elsanhoty thank you! As long as there are nice people around I will certainly keep it updated
    @dorsk89 not sure if I get what you mean but you just have to open the .Rar archive and put the files in your scripts folder. Be sure you have the requirements listed in the description.

    20 de diciembre de 2021
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    @VileMaverick in the description there is a link of the video on my YouTube channel where I explain almost everything.
    @trincachaorp I'm not sure if I understood correctly but the partner already earn a percentage of what you earn.. As above i strongly suggest to watch the video. I think you shouldn't be able to withdraw money from your friend's pocket :)

    19 de diciembre de 2021