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    here u go

    18 de julio de 2023
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    If yours doesn't work, try installing it in this path : update - x64 - dlcpacks - patchday27 - dlc.rpf - x64 - levels - gta5 - vehicles.rpf - vehshare.ytd. it seems like vehshare.ytd in patch27 replaces all other vehshares.

    17 de julio de 2023
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    @ItsClaudeMafucka you can download it like you would download any .oiv file, extract it on your desktop and just drag and drop in open iv. looks like this mod can only display two ads thats why theres 5 options.
    model1 includes whiskey bottle and family feast kfc ad, model2 uses thank you nhs heros and coivd prevention ad,
    model3 has jiggle and ketchup, model4 has chocolate ad and some ikea family tree, model5 uses no brainer minty colored ad (not included in pictures) and phone ad.

    17 de julio de 2023
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    @Killins try changing distance scale to max in your games graphics setting. it should work

    9 de julio de 2023
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    Alright I've managed to make it work, I changed the picture files in the vehshare.ytd like in efftee's instructions but the vehshare.ytd is located in patchday27ng / dlc.rpf / x64 / levels / gta5 / vehicles.rpf .
    Seems like even when patchday27 isn't in the mod file it overwrites other vehshares like in x64w and x64e.
    To get the vehshare.ytd from the mod, rather than installing the oiv if you simply change the name of the .oiv file to .zip file you can get the vehshare inside.

    29 de junio de 2023