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    @peoioswkt use the discord for support; All I'll say here is make sure you have both Scripthook and OpenIVs ASI loader installed

    hace 9 días
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    @peoioswkt half a star because you can't figure out how to change the hotkey? menyoostuff > menyooConfig.ini > open_key

    hace 9 días
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    @Dede09 You not updating your mods folder properly to include the new dlc is nothing to do with Menyoo. Same as you not removing the old version (though 2.0 should over-write any of those files if you've installed it properly)

    @CJislit The initial concern has already been fixed, that is one of the first issues that was dealt with. The ability to save stuff properly is a known issue on github and one that requires a fairly significant rework of multiple scripts. Its definitely on the list but wont be a quick fix.

    10 de julio de 2024
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    @bigbbotyfart1234 That doesn't really help me unfortunately. No features have been removed from menyoo, and anything broken is simply stuff that will have also broken in the original and I haven't got round to fixing.
    If you can be more specific then I can focus my efforts more

    9 de julio de 2024
  • 793739 toon smx vector plain

    @bigbbotyfart1234 Can you elaborate at all?

    8 de julio de 2024
  • 793739 toon smx vector plain

    @Daddynnoob He didn't forget them. Unfortunately the weapons are hard-coded into menyoo and additions take a significant effort to create. I am instead prioritising dynamic lists to future-proof menyoo and allow it to automatically update the lists, including addon weapons.

    Also, while I'm here, @TanyaC missing the vehicle previews are not a legitimate reason to give half a star. These previews are again hard-coded and require significant effort to add new; For the time being a new userfolder has included all the missing previews with thanks to members of the discord community.

    Everyone else leaving feedback here, once again I ask that you please either raise legitimate issues on the github, or join our discord for general help and queries. I can't keep up with all the comments here, and certainly can't reply to everyone.

    3 de julio de 2024
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    Comentario adherido

    Thank you to everyone who has been patient with this release. Those of you that have been following on Discord will know that I have been going through some major life changes at the moment so things have had to slow down significantly on the modding front!
    140,000 downloads is crazy, so I thank everyone for their support, especially those who have been raising issues through Github to enable me to fix some of the more glaring issues. Can I just remind everyone that is trying to report stuff here that I'm not able to keep track of comments easily, and the best way to report issues is to raise it on Github.
    I have some more interesting development in the works that isn't just fixes, keep an eye out on discord for that development as it happens! Thanks again everyone

    1 de julio de 2024
  • 793739 toon smx vector plain

    @smoki900 what you're asking for doesn't exist. Only way you can do that is with a mod like VStancer.

    12 de febrero de 2024
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    Okay so I wasn't expecting over 1000 downloads in the first day! Thanks everyone for comments and suggestions, as said in the description, please share them on my github, I can't possibly respond to all of you individually! I'll try to transfer some of my favourite suggestions or worst issues into the github myself.

    Thanks again everyone for your support hopefully we can see this become the trainer it deserves to be and return to the glory it once was!

    25 de enero de 2024
  • 793739 toon smx vector plain

    Has the image functionality been removed? I noticed the only formats listed are all video (mkv, mp4 and avi). Can that be set to png again?

    11 de enero de 2024