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    @V3ry_H1GH As far as I remember, key combinations work only with keyboard. "ControllerBtn" field of the configuration does not allow using more than 1 button to an action. List of available controller buttons you can found here: I might look into it and try to develop that functionality but doesn't give any promises.

    29 de septiembre de 2020
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    Modifier is a key in a combination of keys, which has to be hold pressed before pressing the main key. It means that if we set Modifier to None and Key will stay R -> Repair Shop will activate after pressing 'R' but with Modifier set to LShiftKey we have to keep that key before pressing R. That's it. It does not have change any in-game functionality.
    You can operate buses and coaches, you cannot be driven as a passenger by AI.

    23 de septiembre de 2020
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    @Yoko Daisuke Time to stop advertising, this is not a place to do that.

    22 de septiembre de 2020
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    Open Configuration.xml and change values:
    That issue happens in few computers and is hard do diagnose.
    Please, paste here a log excerpt after a crash happens.
    @Yoko Daisuke
    What is your computer configuration? I've played this on an 8-year old laptop and it wasn't bad at all.

    21 de septiembre de 2020
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    @Jacknife2014 Glad it worked, have fun!

    25 de diciembre de 2018
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    @Jacknife2014 Please make sure you have the right version of RageNativeUI. You can find the download link in the description tab.

    24 de diciembre de 2018
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    @Jacknife2014 Could you please post the whole exception message? You can find it in the RagePluginHook.log file.

    22 de diciembre de 2018
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    @InYourFaceTo use RPH plugins you have to start the game via RPH dedicated launcher, GTA:O can be started via 'vanilla' game w/o RPH functionality present. I do not have information about interference with different mods but the biggest problem might be shared control configuration. The easiest way to prevent issues is not to load Transportation while playing in other mods.
    @vazlu2804 Please paste here a fragment of your RagePluginHook.log that says about what kind of error has occured.

    10 de marzo de 2018
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    @thisnotforgirls Could you paste here a log excerpt that says what kind of error has occurred? In case it says something about DateTime you can edit 2 values in Config.xml that contains "ADVANCE_TIME" and change them to "false".

    16 de enero de 2018
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    @DigitalX Do you remember what was the business you took a trailer from, what was the load and the destination? (eg: Fresh fish from Walker & Sons to Davis Mega Mall) I've tested deliveries using a spawned trailers and it worked flawlessly.

    15 de enero de 2018