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  • Michael

    need FIX asap pleasee!

    16 de diciembre de 2023
  • Michael

    @ebeeze Sorry for delay hehe. After pressing K key, you should see in the up/right corner, your money, weed, crack and coke values (see image) and below the heat bars.
    The RED values are packaged drugs, so you must go to the stash house, drop it there and then pick it up. It will be turn GREEN and ready for to sell.
    In case you are missing information:
    FIRST: Try to DELETE all LS Life files/folders and reinstall it (maybe there are some old files messing up with the new version)
    1. Make sure you have ScriptHookV and ScriptHookDotNet up to date.
    2. Maybe, you also need NativeUI (but not sure)
    3. I also have iFruitAddon 2, but I have no idea if it is needed.
    4. I also have Open All Interiors mods: REALLY useful and fun (maybe also safe for selling hahaha, like Tequila bar)
    5. I also have BankAccount mod, for keep safe your money when you have important amounts:
    6. And last... I also have Menyoo Mod, for those cases where the client is stuck or in weird places (you can move them or teleport yourself to the location)

    ALSO, Menyoo is REALLY useful for to see your actual coordinates X,Y,Z and create new stash houses with those incredible game interiors by default! (HINT: Actually you can sell drugs in your house, the clients will join it for to buy and it will be soooo safe, like a house made party hahaha)

    @q0v2y Maybe you have another mods modifing ingame blips? Instead join into a new car and press N for set a new car, its better to join first the last drug car, press N for unset it and then select the new one. Maybe that would stop messing with blips creation.

    @drgreenz Hell Yeah! Im not really sure why, even deactivating HARD mode in the INI file, that still happens. To avoid this, I recomend you All Interiors Open mod, so you can go inside somewhere like the Fleeca bank, hide inside and call the police for help hahahahaha, IT REALLY WORKS! even inside some shops you can do it (or some apartments)

    I hope this help you all guys!! Enjoy!!

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    3 de octubre de 2022
  • Michael

    @ebeeze Sorry for the delay :D just pressing K key you will got it.

    12 de septiembre de 2022
  • Michael

    @Ram66 it is not my mod! :D :D The HERO is @mcal9909 haahahaha. Well... you can use Menyoo mod trainer, that will allow you to pick up NPCs/Objects around and move them using F9 key, pretty EASY and intuitive hehe. Enjoy!

    Check it up Menyoo here:

    12 de septiembre de 2022
  • Michael

    @shakeyjake100 Im also ussing another mod for Bank Account, so when you have some decent amount of money, go to the ATM for save it hehehe, its a bit old, but works perfectly <3
    AccountinBank mod:

    @m1money In the LSLife.INI file, you can change the default HARD MODE just changing the "true" by "false", less enemies, less robbery chances... and so on.

    24 de agosto de 2022
  • Michael

    The mod works perfect for me. If you have any crash or something, make sure you have the lastest version of all requirements.
    ScripthookV: (UPDATED July 2022)
    Scripthookdotnet: (UPDATED august 2022)

    @Monia3x after purchasing the stuff, you must go to your safehouse, stash it and then pick it up.
    @votrinhan88 When you die, your stuff will be stoled by your killer. Kill him and you will can recover it.

    RECOMENDATION: For to deal on street... if you do it in a backstreet, hidden from pedestrians, your HEAT will not increase (wait a second allowing your last customer cant sight you delivering, just in case).
    Remember you have a LSLife.INI file in your script folder with the mod configuration (use notepad)

    23 de agosto de 2022
  • Michael

    @bellyfrog and others!! With the recent GTA V updates (Cayo Perico Island) old map coordinates are outdated!! I usually use Menyoo and I noticed, some Apartament Interiors teleport just drop me nowhere and fall under the world, but the interior is still there, just a bunch of meters offset. I RECOMEND TO USE NOCLIP OR FLY MODE to be able to reach the interior, then everything will be ok.
    The interior is detected depending where the EXIT stash house is, so be careful where you set your stash house EXIT point.

    @nieroojan Remember, where are you selling and what... Cocaine is most usual (and also bigger ammounts) in rich zones meanwhile Crack is usually in poor areas (Grove street and suroundings). If there are not many customers... probably there is around another dealer... be lovely (or not) with him hehehe.

    HINT: For sell big amounts faster, just sell "to Friends" advises, its a little bit less money, but due the usual ammount, you will earn more and faster money.

    @mcal9909 There is something is not going good. I was checking the DEBUG, and even showing 0 (zero) pedestrians around (just my customer and me) after the sell, the heat still increasing for no reason (no eyewitness) Also... after being stopped for the police, acepted the frisk and they see nothing "we keep an eye on you!", constantly polices appearing in miliseconds... Today I counted 5 patrols in a row (no time for move away of the area) This is bullying!! XD. If it is possible to make a "line for view" from pedestrians or something would be perfect, because selling behind a build, in the darkness, totally alone... have no sense police noticed about it.

    21 de abril de 2021
  • Michael

    @mcal9909 Would be possible to add a radius action while you selling, so if a pedestrian is inside that radius your heat increase (chance he will call the police) other way your heat should not increase because nobody can see you selling. That would add some "reality"

    23 de enero de 2021
  • Michael

    Oh! Its just me or everybody read v0.2.38 when it should be v0.2.39? In game I mean.

    20 de enero de 2021
  • Michael

    Yep... heat bar is missed (it was a GREAT help) but I dont understand why the heat should increase if you are selling totally hidden in a garage or behind builds in a small street... those areas without pedestrians should be totally safe. Another annoying thing are the cops... just after sell 3 or 4 times... cops are there, even when you have nothing in pockets and you comply with them, when they leave another patrol arrive, then another one... and so on... Its a no sense hehe.
    Would be great to allow in the INI file to customize the experience. Personally Im very careful when selling, trying to not be watched but always cops arrive in my roof xDDD

    19 de enero de 2021