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  • 0187c4 bg

    Hey is it alright if I use some of your cars for a modpack? All the details of you and your cars will be put in the description. Thanks in advance!

    24 de marzo de 2019
  • 0187c4 bg

    Can anybody help me, when I try installing the mod, my game crashes just says ERR_FIL_PACK_3
    Then I can't do anything about it, instead of reinstalling the mods folder, it's a pain in the ass installing 70 add-on cars by hand again (And yes I know I can save them and drag them in, but then my game crashes while loading)

    20 de marzo de 2019
  • 0187c4 bg

    @I'mNotMentaL Hey so im having problems with your mod, what happens is when I go into the shop, and talk to the lady it just puts me in a view of a zentorno, no option to leave, change vehicle, buy etc, any ideas? Thanks in advance

    16 de marzo de 2019