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    Dude, i really like this euphoria, i know there is some things that need to be improved. Here's some ideas, Now i don't know how the naturalmotion engine works like, but... When ever you play max payne 3, you can see that the npcs-when they get shot, their legs try to keep in place

    Video to prove that thing:

    Still, i don't know how the weight of npcs work in gta 5, im sure that in max payne 3 the weight of npcs bodies is bigger, which means?? what?, can you change that? beacuse im sure about that, either way, maybe.. just maybe. if you make it so, when ever the npcs get shot with an assault rifle, or a pistol, or a sniper rifle, you can use that push thing or whatever its called in natural motion, Maybe push the legs to a point that they can't move, or just freeze them? or just something including the legs.

    If you don't understand what im saying. Just saying that the legs should be sticking to the ground while the npcs get shot, One more thing, i don't know if its just me or so. but the npcs die and then if you keep shooting them they won't fall, i mean.. they are gonna keep staying up for some time, but if you kill them and then instantly stop shooting, they are gonna fall down. "talking about the npcs" You should also make a new mod called Max payne 3 euphoria, where there's only max payne 3 kind of natural motion euphoria.. Either way this mod is awesome, Would be appreciated if you at least tried to do one of these things i asked :)

    Nice mod, Keep up the good work.

    9 de marzo de 2018
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    aswell as more money mod

    24 de marzo de 2017
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    guys i have an idea for a next mod, should be˘fun but may take a long long time to make it. if u even want to.
    The mod u guys should make is prototype. use all the sets of stuff from prototype 2. now one thing that i would like the most is to like from michael trevor or franklin turn into other people by consuming them. another thing is to fake a guy that he is you(michael,trevor,franklin) can only do this to a police man and then the police trusts u and thinks its the guy u pointed at. so they all shoot at that guy and then find out that it wasnt him. Now u dont need to put all the powers in. just put two or none,or just one. ur choice. i would really like u to make this mod. i think u will get big rating. ty

    22 de marzo de 2017
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    I have a question,beacuse in the mod the ped always ragdolls the first time u shoot him in the head,can the euphoria u created be used with this so the peds, dont ragdoll and do euphoria?

    19 de enero de 2017
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    Can i just ask? does this work?
    Beacuse i saw many comments about this not working,
    and what is this all about?
    about?-npcs balancing?

    18 de enero de 2017
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    Good Mod!

    16 de enero de 2017
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    @Kaai210 Cool.I dont think u mentioned that at the description.Thats so cool actually the way they hold when shot-btw is it only the chest or can they hold their arm when shot,Oh btw do they need to die to hold their body parts? or do they just need to be damaged like-1 shot to the chest?

    Btw ty for responding as for the last comment

    15 de enero de 2017
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    Yo at the part 1:44 was that actually euphoria or an animation.Cuz it really look like euphoria,he is on the ground shot in the chest and holding his arms at the chest until he dies or you shoot him-either in the head or in the chest.
    So is it euphoria
    Animation-from gta5

    15 de enero de 2017
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    Omg Thank U.U Really Did What I Asked For.Man Im About To Cry. ;)
    Thank U So Much Bro!
    Keep The Good Work.

    1 de diciembre de 2016
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    @Kaai210 Ok Thanks.Keep The Good Work.

    18 de noviembre de 2016