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  • Db38ab mnemicavatar

    This mod is just pure gold, thank you! :)

    13 de agosto de 2021
  • Db38ab mnemicavatar

    Sorry for my earlier comment! Menyoo has an extra category for the neck. You put them under "head". :)

    21 de junio de 2021
  • Db38ab mnemicavatar

    @adopcalipt Sooo I don't want to nitpick, but could it maybe be that you forgot neck tattoos? Hehe...
    Also, could you maybe add this code to the initialization of the mod (on game session load), with the ability to set the string in the SavedPedsList.Xml?

    string voice = "a_f_y_bevhills_01_white_full_01"; //This is an example!
    Game.Player.Character.Voice = voice;
    UI.Notify("Voice Changed to " + voice);

    18 de junio de 2021
  • Db38ab mnemicavatar

    @adopcalipt I'm in the change log for version 2.0, awesome, hahaha!!! Thank you so much for adding my request! You're the best! :)

    16 de junio de 2021
  • Db38ab mnemicavatar

    @adopcalipt This mod is almost perfect! The only thing that's missing is facial features such as eyes and nose sizes etc. Could you add them please? :)

    13 de junio de 2021
  • Db38ab mnemicavatar

    My new favourite mod! About the voice, if you want your freemode character to have a voice and have the game start/load a saved game with that voice you actually don't need a trainer for that. You can change that using OpenIV. Edit peds.ymt. Search for <PedVoiceGroup>SILENT_MP_PVG</PedVoiceGroup> in the freemode ped item. You can listen to the lines of a voice set by navigating to x64\audio\sfx. All the rpf's that start with s_ have voice sets. For the actual names of the voice sets check the PedVoiceGroups of other ped items.

    28 de enero de 2021
  • Db38ab mnemicavatar

    Honestly, your mods are among the best around here! I was wondering, would you be willing to take the normal maps from this mod and transform them so they fit the mp female? I like ripped girls, haha. :D I know how and where to inject the textures, so I'd really only need the normal maps. And it would be less work for you, if you considered doing it at all. :)

    26 de enero de 2021
  • Db38ab mnemicavatar

    This mod is awesome! I've been waiting for something like this. Is it possible to use Menyoo's outfit and loadout definitions to restore the freemode player model with clothes and weapons? They are defined in xml files.

    24 de enero de 2021
  • Db38ab mnemicavatar


    28 de diciembre de 2018
  • Db38ab mnemicavatar

    @ModdedGames Okay. Using 2.10.5 makes my game CTD, but using that 2.10.3 got me my first BSOD in years! LOL XD

    19 de febrero de 2018