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    I installed the mod correctly as usual but it can't find the model in the game. It says Invalid Model.

    9 de marzo de 2021
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    מוד ברמה גבוהה !

    23 de enero de 2021
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    I hope I will get an answer here. I am using Scene Director for a while now, but I get an issue at some point and to this day I did not get any answer.

    Whenever I make a scene with multiple vehicles driving to a specific waypoint, only one vehicle goes on a normal speed, the rest are going extremely slow like at only 3 MPH. If I do it with only two cars the two of them drive at the same speed together.
    I wish it could work but no idea how to fix it. Thanks.

    14 de enero de 2021
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    When I am doing a chase at someone on foot with cars, the cars are driving very slow and stops in the middle or not drive at all. It's annoying. The mod doesn't work like the old time.

    Also is there a Discord channel to reach you ?

    28 de junio de 2020