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  • Bugstars2

    Any chance you can force the vendor peds to spawn at the stand locations during certain times for the next update? Love this mod but it seems inconsistent when they show up. Sometimes they will sell you one hotdog and then just run off. Works perfectly otherwise!

    13 de enero de 2024
  • Bugstars2

    This mod has some great ideas! The latest version (2.9) is missing the NAudio components though, which are in the previous archives. Love the silencer, laser sight, and mobile radio functionality. The duffel bag system might need some more tweaking, the zipper on the bag model was permanently open while it was on my back and the menus need a bit of streamlining to feel less clunky. Overall though keep at it, your mods are great!

    13 de enero de 2024
  • Bugstars2

    Loved the RDR2 version, this works just as great!

    11 de enero de 2024