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    I really love the mod and playing it is a lot of fun, but i can't progress in the storyline, because some mission flags don't get triggered, for example in the 1st mission as Franklin, when I and Lamar get into cars, we are both just stuck and cant progress at all. The mission where i have to repo the bike works fine, but the following mission, where I need to repo the yellow SUV, doesn't work too - when i get to the blip at Michael's house, the yellow point dissapears and i can't progress at all.
    An interesting point I observed: I could finish the 2 car boost mission through spawning planes and killing myself, which led to me being able to skip to the canal section and then I proceeded normally, meanwhile on the SUV repo that didn't work - when I died I continued and got stuck in a neverending loading screen.
    Hope myb some of this helps, if not, you still made an amazing mod dude. Keep up the good work!

    3 de junio de 2022