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    to get rid of the text on screen, open the menu "Home" and toggle both "StageDepth" effects

    23 de abril de 2024
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    To those struggling or confused on how to install the mod, well here you go

    1st: go to reshades offical download site: and download the latest version
    -after getting the installer, run it, hit browse and the bottom right of the window, and go to your GTAV directory, select "GTA5.exe"
    -select next, and then click on "DirectX 10/11/12" hit next again, you'll most likely see and whole bunch of listed effects, just check them all to make sure you've installed everything mandatory (if you don't you'll most likely get errors about the shaders not compiling) after checking all the boxes hit next, run GTAV and let all the files load, hit Home to open the menu, if that doesn't work, don't worry we'll get there, it's most likely due to your gtav version, but there's a fix for it, boom reshade has been installed.

    GTAV directory and Compatibility:
    -now that reshade has been installed it's probably not gonna work because of the newer updates, we also have to still install the mod

    Mod installation after reshade:
    -open your GTAV directory with file explorer and have that set aside, we'll need it soon
    -extract the mod files, open up the preset folder, you'll see a .ini file and a texures and shaders folder, with you GTAV directory open up reshade-shaders, and put all the files from each folder to their respected folder (textures to textures, shaders to shaders) if it asks you to replace files just hit replace.
    -put the .ini file wherever works for you, it doesn't have to be in GTAV directory.
    Mod has been installed.

    Reshade not working/menu fix for newer versions:
    your most likely here because the reshade menu wasn't opening when hitting Home, there's a fix for it
    -go to your GTAV directory and right click on "GTA5.exe" and hit "properties" go to "compatibility" and check the box to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" in the drop box select "Windows 7"
    all done, assuming you know how to use reshade that's all, if you don't then go down one more below.

    Using the mod in reshade:
    after doing everything needed above your probably wondering how to actually use the mod
    -Run GTAV and you should see reshade initializing at the top of your screen, wait for all the shaders to compile, after all that's done hit "Home' or whatever your menu key is, in the top of the menu, it will be telling you about a tutorial, just click "skip tutorial" and you'll see a whole bunch of shaders with boxes, don't worry about all that confusing stuff, click the long blue box at the top of the menu, it should drop down in your GTAV directory, in the dropdown go to wherever you put the .ini file from earlier and click on it, and hit select, boom done, you should see some effects turned on, just hit home again to close the menu, and enjoy

    if reshade does not work for some reason after all this, just search it up on youtube or something, it could be the way you installed it, or compatibility reasons.

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    23 de abril de 2024