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    @nieda113 Google "JulioNIB GTA V" his patreon page should pop up.
    - There's a link for his custom ModMenu and edited Script Hook. DL & add them to the same dir your regular script hook is in.
    - Download NativeUI v1.7 (from the github link) and extract to a temp dir. Change the native.dll to native.ndll - then drop the files into your scripts folder
    - Install CustomPeds to your scripts folder as directed and change the .dll files to .ndll
    - Done. Get that guy @Get_Gibbed a cookie & coffee for this.

    Worked fine when I used it, though it will sometimes log as an error with other mods that detect script hook pulls.
    Ran into this briefly while using one of HK's SP mods and noted it was the other mod conflicting, not this mod.

    19 de noviembre de 2021
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    @Get_Gibbed Confirmed: Works without Errors. Thx for this.

    15 de noviembre de 2021