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    I have a problem. Since the newest update of GTA V (I have an original version) my game wont start anymore with skripthook. First it said that I needed the newest version. I downloaded it and replaced the old skirpthook.dll and dinput8.dll files with the new ones (the trainer as well). Now my game just loads and loads and then shows an error message that some problem has occured.
    When I delete the skripthook and dinput files, my game works again.
    Does anyone know how I can bring Skripthook back up running?

    8 de abril de 2016
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    @Jridah Nice! looking foward to it! :-)
    And about the Panzer: Would be grat (even just something similar) ;-)

    28 de febrero de 2016
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    Would it be possible for you to make a SIG 553?
    And/or a Panzerfaust 3 replacement for the RPG? (this one could also be more or less the fireworks bazooka skin without the blastshield and just different colors)

    26 de febrero de 2016