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  • 919002 yticon

    Really excited to see where the development of this map goes. I'm a Chicago native and playing in a Chicago map in GTA 5 is a dream!

    28 de diciembre de 2020
  • 919002 yticon

    Can you please put in the direct path in the instructions instead of just the folder name? It'll be easier to find.

    2 de agosto de 2020
  • 919002 yticon

    @AidanTheTurtle which version do you have installed. The most recent update wont allow my GTA to launch at all

    19 de diciembre de 2017
  • 919002 yticon

    This mod is absolutely amazing. I played around with it for the past hour and I love it. Captain America Shield mod is one of my favorite GTA mods created. I'm glad a lot of those features carried onto the Thor mod. Highly recommend playing with this mod

    4 de noviembre de 2017
  • 919002 yticon

    I absolutely love this mod. I've been waiting for a shield throwing mod for ages and this one is perfect! My only wish with this mod is to have the MCU shield as a model other than the modern soldier version. I like that model don't get me wrong, but I feel the MCU version would fit better with most Captain America player models

    9 de enero de 2017
  • 919002 yticon

    So I've changed the dlclist.xml so that it has the <Item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds\</Item>. The NativeUI menu is opening and I can see all my Peds from the AddonPed program. Ped model names match the file names and everything. None of the models, not even the default one provided with the mod, are working for me though. It says that "This model was not found or is invalid." Is there any way I can fix this? I only have 3 Peds installed at the moment.

    20 de octubre de 2016