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  • 883d9a velnix sample 7

    @Snipy_Stream Set your FiveM game build to a lower version in that case. But don't even bother, it doesn't work in FiveM anyways, FiveM instantly throws an error when having that mod in your FiveM plugins folder. Would be great if it would be compatible for FiveM, since editing Rockstar Editor footage is not doable with NVE or other graphic mods enabled on FiveM. Or are there ways to perhaps manually allocate more GPU memory to the FiveM process?

    22 de mayo de 2024
  • 883d9a velnix sample 7

    Can't get it to work in FiveM with the FiveM only version ofcourse. Installed according to what's in the instructions. Nothing happens, log file isn't created or filled, so it seems it isn't even loading at all.

    When I put another version of this mod in FiveM it instantly crashes at loading FiveM. So none version works.

    Could it be the game build that FiveM is using? Should I lower it to an older game build perhaps? Could that be a thing? Not behind a computer rn.

    18 de mayo de 2024
  • 883d9a velnix sample 7

    @SLY95ZER Maybe you can try lowering the brightness when you have ENB installed and lower the lighting and brightness here and there?

    25 de abril de 2024
  • 883d9a velnix sample 7

    @Daddynnoob PTSD when?

    14 de abril de 2024
  • 883d9a velnix sample 7

    Cool mod, some nice addition would be to lower the value of the car or earnings when you made crashes or damaged the car

    14 de abril de 2024