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    For all who have trouble with Fuel Reloaded version 3.3 there is a temporary fix while we are updating the mod and that is:
    - install Fuel Reloaded of Rockstar Games Social Club (installation option)
    - create this location (folder inside folder) C:/Program files/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto V/scripts (you don't need to put any of your game files or mods files in it, just create this folders)
    - put FuelReloaded3.xml file in the created location

    22 de agosto de 2023
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    @5kY1iN3 we are surprised to hear that the NPC isn't invisible although we set it to be invisible and tested the mod, but the fix is to disable SHUFFLE in the settings file. Thanks for repporting.

    7 de agosto de 2023
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    @TheRuler666 so you gave 1 star only because of this?

    7 de agosto de 2023
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    @yougonasorry I see your comment, but there are a few misconceptions that need correcting:
    We are a team, not just one person, and the mod wasn't re-uploaded. The old version got taken down by admins due to advertising. The current version is revised and ad-free.
    The mod isn't barebone; we suggest you read the description again to see its features.
    Our Patreon isn't a paywall; it's a way for supporters to help us continue developing the mod. They get early access as a thank-you, not for paying to play. You subscribe in purpose of supporting and not in purpose of getting premium version.
    There is alternative ways to get premium version without payement. See discord server.
    We're continuously working on fixing errors, crashes, and issues, and our Patreon supporters help us do that.
    We never force anyone to pay for premium content. Patreon perks are a thank-you to our supporters.
    We've removed any elements that could be seen as advertising.
    If you want more info or have questions, join our Discord server. But please, get the facts straight before making assumptions.
    PS: anyone wants to see the comments of the previous version including the comment that proves deleting reason we can show you screenshots on our discord.
    Discord server:
    WTLS team.

    30 de julio de 2023
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    @mitto_backup @Snap_Gang the other version was deleted by admins because of advertising elements, not by us to erase negative rating.
    We have removed advertising in this current version.
    If you want to read the comments in the old version we can show you a screenshot in our discord.
    PS: we are not single modder, we are a team.

    19 de julio de 2023
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    @Gelse enable CONTEXTTOREFUEL and disable REQUIRESMONEY in the settings file

    20 de junio de 2023
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    @Gelse yes LSPDFR does this, read instruction.txt

    20 de junio de 2023
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    @Gelse are you using LSPDFR?

    19 de junio de 2023
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    @Andreyraduta yes! that game is one of the best games in police pursuit gameplay

    17 de junio de 2023