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    Jak chcę skopiować pliki do folderu "scripts" to mam nieoczekiwany błąd który uniemożliwia skopiowanie pliku do folderu. Co mam zrobić? Jeszcze bez oceny bo nie wiem czy to mój błąd czy jak.

    13 de septiembre de 2020
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    When I click arrows or buttons, I do not move on the TRAINER.

    5 de septiembre de 2020
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    Hey. I use this mod and it is very good and to make such a mod you have to be able to change the game engine etc. And I have such a request you would make a mod in which the physics engine would be completely changed. So you could destroy trees by hitting them with a car or blowing them up, destroying huge skyscrapers etc. Something just Cause. In general, everything could be destroyed with quite interesting damages. And also such a small thing as, for example, in the prologue (the first mission in GTAV) was in the video when they were driving the car, Michael hit the side of the policeman's car and the tire was punctured and the rim was twisted, and in general, the policeman flew off and knocked off the snowfall falling on the roof under the load of the car and destroying sirens, which normally cannot be done in GTAV. I know it's scripted, that's why I'm writing to the mod creator, not Rockstar Games. It's nice if you did such a rebuilding of the engine in the game, no matter how much the mod would weigh.

    27 de agosto de 2020