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    Forgot to add one thing.
    Could be also cool to have some kind of map color around the areas where only one dealer can be set up to work.
    Seen stuff like that done on maps in some fivem servers so i think its possible to include as possible feature.

    7 de abril de 2024
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    Good Script. Been playing for a week now and i can say its fun but there are a few major problems. ill list them down bellow.
    1. When you try to hire a dealer which is from a gang he will attack you because you cant offer him money without bumping into him same goes with some peds.
    2. When you die you lose everything its annoying and i know it was made to be like that but there been quite a few times i couldnt get money back from the person that stole my stuff because he dissapeared from the map even i could still see his location. And when you dont run any bank scripts it would be cool to have an option where you could turn off money loss when you die from dealers or lslife script peds.
    3. Enemy Dealers Need to have some noticeable blip colour NOT RED
    4. LsLife Spawned enemies Should also have other noticeable colour blips NOT RED and Not the colour Dealer has.
    5. Hired Dealers sometimes dont shoot my enemies and sometimes glitches with hiding and taking out guns which ends up shooting one bullet per hiding gun.

    Now ill talk about cool features LS Life could have
    1. It could have One Better Dealer At level 10 or 50 which would deliver the supplies to basic dealers which we get every level. It would only deliver supplies like drugs and armor and could collect money from all dealers but only with a car that player could provide. Since ive read that there wont be any big deliveries feature.
    2. Would be nice to have multiple drug cars and not only one which also could be provided to better dealer for delivering supplies and collecting money.

    7 de abril de 2024
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    Any ideas what to remove or turn off to get a little fps boost because everything looks awesome but im getting only 50fps since im running 1060 6gb on 1440p graphics

    5 de abril de 2024
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    Cant change car colour in ls customs. since i run ls life it refreshes car colour once i go inside stash houses

    3 de abril de 2024