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    Not working :(

    21 de diciembre de 2022
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    Not working. Copied it to the correct directory, but they don't appear in the game. Unfortunately

    22 de mayo de 2022
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    First of all, great mod. Until recently everything was working fine and now, without changing anything, GTA crashes every time when exporting. I have no idea why. If I render at 30FPS, it saves the videos to the normal Rockstar folder without any motion blur effect. Only when I try to render to 60FPS with EVE does the game crash. My GTA version is 1.0.2628.2 with the corresponding scripthook because there is no newer version yet. I uploaded my ExtendedVideoExport Log. You can find the file here

    I hope someone can help me as I'm working on a Top Gun video right now and I'm stuck.


    21 de mayo de 2022