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  • Gtao63

    @Bertone2001 No Problem buddy, Hopefully it's working for you now. Enjoy the mod.

    @Evora Thank you for the comment, but this mod is not similar to the one you are talking about. Yes, this mod has one aspect which includes farming jobs as job type, but it's more than just that.

    This mod was aimed to offer a blending taste of 3 games(Description says it) and so does PDF. Most importantly, I've been developing this mod for more than 6 months, you can check the thread link which was created some 4 months back with some bare-bone of functions in place(Something like a Prototype).

    About an implementation, since every developer has his/her own style to implement things and its hard to judge who did the better job at it. So, no comments there. :)

    Sure thing, do try it, review it, if you happen to find any bugs report it here, and I will try to resolve/fix them ASAP. :)

    hace 3 días
  • Gtao63

    Thank you in advance mate.

    As @stillhere mentioned, the error seems to be related NativeUI plugin not found. So, kindly download it from the above given link, or same can be found in PDF Manual. And there should be no problem. :)

    hace 5 días
  • Gtao63

    Hi Tai,
    I am unsure if I understand your question here, correctly or not.
    You said "there is a query routine in your script that searches for office?" Did you mean by MS Office?
    If so, no, the script doesn't have to do anything with MS Office or anything. So, it doesn't matter if you have MS office installed or any other substitute like Open office.

    So far what I can guess, it has to do something with your .net framework installed version perhaps? Cause, code simply uses the built in namespace to call the keys.

    Anyway, I have some free time today, so would it be possible for you to ping me on my Discord @ashishcw or here on the forum chat window. I might be able you to give some assistance and will try to fix the problem you are facing?
    Let me know.

    hace 6 días
  • Gtao63

    @sophia616 @Jazzpunk Hi guys, thank you for downloading the mod, but have you tried reloading the script once the game loads completely? If you did so, and still facing an issue, would it be possible for you to paste the ScriptHookVDotNet log from the same file name located in your GTA V Root Directory.

    @keirona Thank you for the nice comment and the stars. I will certainly look at what can be done about the UI part of the point you've mentioned. Infact, I am thinking to offer the players the Font size and It's position via an Mod Options Menu, so players be able modify it on the go as per taste. :)
    And I am glad you are having fun with the mod, enjoy. :)
    Feel free to share the screenshot/video footage on this page.

    hace 7 días
  • Gtao63
    Comentario adherido

    @All, So, I just confirmed with few users, and found out, the mod is working fine for them and for others who are facing any issues/bugs.
    Reloading the script, once the game has been loaded completely is Highly recommended.

    The way you can do that,
    once game done finish loading you can simply Press "INSERT" key on the keyboard, and wait for few seconds. If everything reloads correctly, you should see a notification on the screen with the mod name and it's version. Then simply press the menu key and activate the mod.

    If you still have any issues, contact me here or on my discord.

    hace 7 días
  • Gtao63

    @stillhere Thank you so much man, you've been great help during the testing and even as now. I appreciate. Though, it's a bit disappointing seeing the script isn't working for many of the people, but yeah I will try find a way to test the script.
    Thanks for the rating mate, appreciate it. :)

    @Taipan69 Thank you for the comment and I appreciate your feedback. But while we are on the config INI part, did you try changing it to any other keybinding? So any of the letter or NumPad Perhaps?

    @Fabito48hd Thank you for the nice comment and rating man I appreciate it big time.

    @All, I am really sorry if the script isn't working for you guys, I spent 4+ months in its development, I really wanted this to work for you guys. Worst, I can't even debug the script due to lack of the hardware. Anyway, I will try to find a way to try and fix the issue as fast as possible. Meanwhile, if you want, you can ping me on my Discord @ashishcw, and I will try to provide you the instructions to run the mod there. Thank you all for your patience.

    Note : Reloading the scripts folder by pressing "Insert" key on your keyboard, should fix the problems such as Markers not getting displayed, XP & Money not functioning etc.

    hace 7 días
  • Gtao63

    @DarthPungz Thank you for your help and I appreciate your comment.

    @SLY95ZER Thank you for the nice comment at rating.

    @lasper I am sorry, but I don't have my gaming PC as its broken down(Feels like Motherboard and/or Processor might got fused) anyways, if you happen to capture any good screenshots/videos, do upload it here, I would appreciate it. :)

    @LariLISA Thank you for your kind gesture, I would've uploaded a screenshot myself, but I am sorry, I couldn't capture one, as my gaming rig is messed up at the moment, and the one I had with my friend helping out(@stillhere) those are too big 5 MB >, so couldn't upload it. Thank you for your help though.

    @KeGaming @Jazzpunk @Fabito48hd Thank you for your comment guys, and I am really sorry mod didn't work out for you in the first place. BTW, did you try to reload all the scripts in the scripts folder, by hitting Insert Key on your Keyboard, as there are few known issues(as mentioned in an attached PDF) that mod may behave weirdly sometimes and reloading them, might help you fix the bug.

    @Cyron43 Thank you so much for nice comment man, Since, getting a comment like this from an experienced modder always helps to keep up the spirit.

    hace 8 días
  • Gtao63

    @megaz0id I don't usually comment on mods, but these type of mods are exceptions. As I myself been modding for quite a sometime now, I understand what it takes to bring out the best of the mod.:)

    Here are few suggestions, if you would like to work upon.

    1. Currently there is nothing much to see to the car, as in only exterior of the car body can be seen.
    How about adding some of the options to your pricing menu to open the Hood, Trunk, different doors so players be able to see the engines and other specificity.

    2. Adding more custom vinyls, stickers, graphics to the car. For more buying options>

    Try this Mod developed by @stillhere I think this offers nice blending of the two mods.

    3. Adding Test Drive as an option, which will let the player feel the ride before they will make the purchase.
    Since, these type of options will add some realism to the mod.

    All in all a brilliant mod, nicely executed.

    10/10 for the originality(At least you didn't rip off someone else's idea to take the credit for.) :)

    12 de octubre de 2018
  • Gtao63

    @Sakis25 Amazing mod buddy.! Good work.!

    28 de septiembre de 2018
  • Gtao63

    @aimless It's so good to see the old modding masters back in the action. :)
    As Always, and just like your other mods, this mod is great as well. (:
    Happy to see you back my friend.

    16 de julio de 2018