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    @PermissionToLand it was just an example. feels like im on the moon or something. i have very little control over the vehicle. if it is a conflict with another mod, not sure what that could be. ill wait for a few updates since this is still fresh and try it out later i guess. For now I'll have to use the other mod, realistic driving v.

    its good that you are active and updating this mod though. its the only new one that i know which is being worked on.

    3 de febrero de 2024
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    great mod!

    wish the AI was a bit better though but I'm going to assume it's GTA 5's fault, not the modders.

    2 de febrero de 2024
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    i think this mod makes it so like you're driving on moon. everything is so heavy and stays lifted for so long, like the gravity has been changed so the car floats more easily...

    idk...feels weird.

    also for some reason at least the first few random cars i tested, it made them get damaged real quickly, as in black smoke started coming...which is fine i guess if its part of the mod. i really just would like 1 part, the hydraulics or handling like when u drive over a speed bumper and the vehicle goes up, but not like its on mars...and i like the offroad part where certain vehicles get stuck in the mud etc

    1 de febrero de 2024
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    ok, fantastic mod for me. i manually extracted the handling, materials and vehicleaihandlinginfo and paired it up with True Realistic Driving V for its inertia and powercutting mod.

    feels like im playing forza lol. i hate it which means its working and is realistic...

    for those complaining about low top speed. first of all, u dont even know how to drive, im convinced 99% of u manage to crash even a bicycle...why do u want to exactly go 300+ kmh? also there is an increased top speed version...

    feels great. the other handling mod is not as great as this, somehow...despite being updated so often as its like driving on the moon, the car is flying, but this mod...its great. seems to be just about right. the car is not flying when driving over a speed bump but u can see there is some extra lift.

    overall , i like the mod and im using it next to a million other mods and its fine for me.

    it could be better but man, its an old mod and its still thats why i give 5 stars.

    1 de febrero de 2024
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    soo...looking at others comments im too afraid to even try this out

    1 de febrero de 2024
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    all SMGs effects are renamed to heavy shotgun and he says nothing is wrong with the mod, its everyone else and you who is doing something wrong!

    you cant just rename a pistol into a minigun and say; our mod 100% works, its the other mods that are at fault, go fix those! lol

    youve completely changed the vanilla names of the weapons.

    its like rewriting the bloods effect into a dust effect and expecting blood to get on the walls instead of the dust.

    like what? i dont even want to look at the rest of the files. i dont want to get scarred for life. for some reason i cant give 0 stars so you will just get 0.5/5

    29 de enero de 2024
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    @MvcGyver you just mix and match all weapons effects, recoil like a pistol with shotguns recoil or smoke, bullet effects.

    then you change weapons names completely, NO WONDER THIS DIDNT WORK.

    you either knew all about this and didnt want to tell anyone or you actually didnt make the mod.

    because the real owner would've spotted the mistake from miles away.

    you just copy pasted and mixed around with everything.

    i cant believe there are many terrible modders like you everywhere on this platform.

    thanks for wasting my time.

    if anyone needs bug fixing with this mod, u can message me privately and i may be able to fix the issue.

    this guy doesnt know anything. really, like...if any modder sees this comment, go check the weapons meta file and you will burst out laughing.

    what a joke.

    29 de enero de 2024
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    Yes I'm certain now it's the weapons meta file causing this issue. There are too many lines of code but if I could find the right ones which to edit slightly or remove, this issue could be fixed. I used a backup meta and the splatter works, without using the oiv uninstaller

    27 de enero de 2024
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    I think it's maybe the 'weapons' meta file? I'm a bit afraid to test this stuff because I got a lot of mods and sometimes, even if I use a backup, things don't want to go back to the way they were before. But will see.

    Could try uninstalling the whole mod then installing it again without a certain meta file or two or at least with removed or unaltered lines from the original one.

    27 de enero de 2024
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    @IhateAntichrist You can alter the decal size of the bullet effects, holes regarding shot glass in decals.dat. You have to reduce the size multiplier. By default it's 1 and something is sizing it up, so you have to make it like 0.30 instead of 1.0.

    I already fixed this issue, just need the damn blood to show so I can move on with fixing and refining other stuff.

    27 de enero de 2024