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    I can't seem to locate it in game. I nstalled as instructed but nothing. Please help!!!

    8 de agosto de 2020
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    Bro, the lakeside, at the beginning of the bridge cars crash there all the time. Then can the AI be any challenging. I have to compromise my Bugatti's power so i dont feel like I am racing alone.
    And then it's like only four racers in the race. Just after the carmagheddon at the first bend other drivers seem to remove em helmets and head back home.
    Then the bends. It's a certain trap for AIs and that kinda kills the fun in this great script.
    If there is a voting system, your script umarguably deserves an award. Thanks

    29 de julio de 2020
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    I stumbled on this mod just when GTA5 was getting less interesting. Bro you have given me reason to soend money on cars especially when combined with GTA Belgium's track mods. You both are the best.
    One thing though, is it possible to race against add on cars instead of this vanilla cars? I want my friends to come in and see me racing against real car brands and make them wonder if it's still GTA5.
    I'm desperate for thia functionality bro. To he able to race against addon cars.
    Thanks. I'm hopeful.

    27 de julio de 2020
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    sorry, i just saw where to follow you

    4 de febrero de 2019
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    Hey man, so that's how we won't get update for ifuel... sad....
    Do you have a page? I will like to be the first to know when other patches are released.

    4 de febrero de 2019