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    Hey man. Love this mod. Could you side-release one without the extras and the ramps? Im using this in fivem and if on my screen my trailer doesn't have ramps, on other people's screens it does. If i remove the ramps once, i can never put them back and the trailer itself wont let me enter it either, so i would prefer to have no ramps at all. If that is possible, please release a version without the ramps :) Thanks!

    25 de enero de 2019
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    Superb! We need more of these "old" 90's early 00's cars! A proper high quality e36, Old c4 audi etc etc . Very good job

    3 de junio de 2018
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    Yeah, cant see the fuel bar. Rest seems to be fine. tried editing the location and size, but still nothing

    26 de mayo de 2018