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    When I start a race there are no AI cars. What am I doing wrong?

    30 de mayo de 2022
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    Or otherwise do you know which sound files are used for these moments so i can mute them myself?

    21 de abril de 2022
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    Is there a way to disable or change the player character's dialogue when the nearest ped joins you? (e.g. Trevor always says "come to uncle Trevor") I like to play as other peds using the character swap mod so it's weird to hear T/F/M's voice coming out of them.

    20 de abril de 2022
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    Love this mod, but I can't seem to get the gamepad inputs to work? I get prompted to push d-pad left to interact with things but it doesn't work. Keypad shortcuts work fine. Anyone else had this issue? Also can't get the Hunger/Thirst/Energy meters to show when bringing up my phone, only works when I bring up the weapon wheel.

    26 de marzo de 2021
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    One of my hands-down favourite mods around! If you ever do another update, I would love the ability to skip song with a hotkey (rather than through the menu) and/or gamepad support. Thanks for the great mod all the same!

    23 de marzo de 2021
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    @SSSJ It turns out "2" actually pointed to the Spotify radio!

    17 de marzo de 2021
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    Hi, I'm trying to get this mod to work with the Default Radio Station mod:
    Does anyone know what number "slot" the Spotify Radio station occupies in the game files? The default radio mod uses a .lua script to set the radio to a certain value. LS Rock Radio is '1', Non Stop Pop is '2', etc.

    16 de marzo de 2021