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    @elsanhoty still not working

    26 de agosto de 2022
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    @elsanhoty hi thank,
    i found this lines in gameconfig, it defaults says:
    <PoolSize value="73"/>
    i turned the 73 to 512 , but This doesn't work either

    25 de agosto de 2022
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    @Dwighty no im not reinstalled the mods, just cut like 10 lines of vehicles of old ones to check new car mods, when i find out my new mods are ok, i put back that 10 lines,
    im trying find way to fix this

    21 de agosto de 2022
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    can i change vehicle limits much more than this current value that is? please help me

    20 de agosto de 2022
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    hi, my gta version is 1.0.2245.0 , i added probably muuch more than 150 or 160 vehicles in game, i use this gameconfigs and other requirements and recently i added some vehicles that caused game crash on startup, i'm sure that my new vehicles are OK
    is there any way i can do? pls help me
    i also edited files In any way I guess , but still not working

    20 de agosto de 2022
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    @krutoydiesel yeh, me too

    20 de agosto de 2022