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  • 13ecb6 profilepic gta5 mods

    Alright, I just found this one here. And I love it, it's great! Now I have another turboprop aircraft next to my Dash 8. I know this mod is out now for quite a while, but I experienced a few issues with it. Unfortunately, you can see through the cabin when the landing gear is out (at the front), so you can see yourself sitting there. And I thought it would be great to see the flaps working :) Well but it's still a great plane! But maybe you wanna take care of it again.

    17 de abril de 2017
  • 13ecb6 profilepic gta5 mods

    Alright. First I love this mod, but I've got an issue with the sounds. So everything works perfectly fine if I don't put the sounds folder into my main directory, but when I do, my game crashes, unfortunately. So to avoid the crash I tried to put the sounds folder into the scripts folder, which is located in the main directory, but then the mod can't figure out where are the sounds located. Any solution for that?

    14 de abril de 2017