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    @The-UnXplained Thank you for your help, buddy! I'll keep this link saved to help anyone that I'll see at here by looking for some update for this mod. Nor everyone will get lucky to read that. So, when someone coming here looking for any update, I'll be here to support him/her. Thank you again! For a discontinued and forsaken mod by its creator, there's always a good samaritane's to use his knowledge to try to keep it still alive.

    26 de julio de 2021
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    @Erwin_Nemets We just can hope for a good samaritane's good action which has downloaded the source code to update it. Because it's creator has discontinued its updates permanently. Unfortunatelly, Menyoo is a forsaken and dead mod for its creator.

    24 de julio de 2021
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    @RsMods Yeah, i was using my vehicle control, and playing with that bus still now.
    Man, the speakers of the bus, are on the extra function, by accessing with Menyoo.
    I've deleted all speakers to test if i'd decrease the volume, but it keeped itself high.
    What do i mean about this?
    Look to study the metadata from that bus, cuz the secret of a high external sound, is not at the speakers. The speakers on that bus, are only. i don't know what word do i must to use about the speakers, but i know you understand what do i mean.
    The speakers are just a complementary content on that vehicle, because i believe that it's secret for external speakers settings, are within the it's metadata.

    22 de julio de 2021
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    @RsMods "It's no longer raining in the boat", how i was hoping for that! Too bad it's impossible add a shading system on interior that blocks all external reflects within the boat.
    I am talking about the day's reflects. I know that the sun does not reflects where are blockings within the boat, just about the general reflects of the day.
    Man, all i'd like to suggest for probable future updates, is that...
    Everyone who plays GTA, and specificly, who likes yachts, hopes much more that a yacht only.
    We know that many players of the GTA V, likes to simulate parties on the yachts. So, maybe this idea that i wanna show you, is something impossible. I believe that no one's tried something just like that 'till today, but if someone tried, i don't know.
    So anyway, you remember that released bus on AfterHours DLC?
    That bus with speakers that the player could buy and make a party on the GTA Online, and invite the friends to join his party, you remember that?
    So, i think you could try to add something just like that on your yachts, buddy, try it at least, got it?
    You won't add that fucking big bus on your yachts, but just explore it's speakers system added by the Rockstar on the game, study how does it works, and try to add the funcionality of that bus on this free yacht released here, and on your patreon's exclusive yachts too.
    Anyway, what i am suggesting is: You could add speakers on the boat's decks, and try to add the functionality of that bus to make sound of the radio within the boat to be heard high 'till at the outside of the cabin, on external areas on the boat, got it?
    So, if you get this done, who likes yacht, and to download this yacht, and your patreon exclusive yachts, if these players having the mod called "Vehicle Remote Controll", this player'll just need keep the yacht's engine on, turn the yacht's radio on, and then, choose what kind of radio does he/her wants to hear, or to select the selfradio with the music that he/her wants to play on his hers yacht to simulate a party.
    Man, i really hope you have understood my suggestion. If you need to read to this comment again to understand better, do that, but try to add external playing speakers funcionality at your yahts, including this, and i'm pretty sure if you get this done, everyone at here will like.
    Have a great day!

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    22 de julio de 2021
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    @RsMods Allow me to show you an weblink about a thing i've found there on your patreon!
    I'm really interested in buy this true artwork:
    I 'til want to become a patreon through one of your plans, but i got to see how much it will cost at my local currency.
    If you having PayPal, maybe i could try to pay you through there, cuz i would like to buy this amazing yacht.
    If you wanna sell it to me, gime me your price, and i can see if i purchase it.
    You just give a boat from the thirdy level. I don't know if it will be too expensive to me, but i want, and i will help and value your job.
    I've left this link, just to show you what boat i want to buy for GTA V. When you answer to me, i'll remove this comment too.

    19 de julio de 2021
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  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @RsMods Alright, i'll do that.

    19 de julio de 2021
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    @RsMods Yep, i understand it can be too expensive really. The 3DS Max License only, Here in my country, is more that R$ 4.000,00 if i remember. And such licences are annual, not monthly.
    Buddy, if you can give your Patreon weblink, i can see the possibility to subscribe at your profile on there to help you by depending of my conditions.
    I think many people at here that likes your mods, should to do it too. Because you've brought something new to the game. Something that maybe made you take cash out from your wallet, a cash that doesn't comes back anymore, but you've prefered give wing to your criativity in build a too big stuff to the game, not looking how much it would cost to you.
    Believe me! If i could, i had done the same, and don't matters how much i'd have to spend, cuz as i've said, GTAV isn't made of weapons or warships only.
    Anyway this is it, buddy!
    If you want to give us your Patreon address, i can see the possibility to help you to go straight ahead.
    I hope some people that reading to this comment, can do the same.
    Again, have a great day everyone at here!

    19 de julio de 2021
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    @Whats a Username? I totally agree with you, buddy! It's actually an amazing job ever built for Grand Theft Auto V, among some modders that only thinks build warships, war carriers.
    Nothing against the warships and war carrier's modders, but the GTA V is not made of warships or aircraft carriers only. There's a public, including myself, that likes somethings else within the game, just like: Pick the Michael's Family up, and take them to get a ride on board their private jet, and now, take them to get a ride on board their newest luxury super yacht.
    @RsMod, you've done a very very very very very very very, and many veries else i can say...
    You've done a very great and amazing job, buddy!
    Sincerly, i was losing the hope about someone build a so big boat, not of war, but of passengers, a true ship, a private ship, a beautiful yacht.
    I just didn't hope that big and super yacht did came right from you, cuz you've take a long time to release a so big job.
    I know some jobs of you since when i've joined to GTA5-Mods page. Jos as Sea Ray-650 Fly, Sea Ray-650 Express, if i remember, and i also have these both amazing boats at my game. But i was hope a big private boat from someone else, but not from you, cuz i did think you was stay at these both boats only, the SR-650-Express, SR-650 Fly, and some other boats that you've built, but nothing else so big just like Amels-200
    @Engineeringuofi, Some objects on board of the the yacht, are without collision, because some conflits that can happening with vehicles.
    I say that by own experience.
    At the 2019's Christmas, i've simulated more of these airtrips that i like to do with the Michael's family, and by being Christmas, i've decided to do a special flight with snacks on board, as pizza, juice, and something else, a true party on the heights.
    My luck is Menyoo's existence, because is with Menyoo that i have to disable the collision of any object or prop that i want to add within a vehicle. I've done that in my amazing Christmas airtrip in 2019.
    So, the reason by the what i believe the @RsMods put objects inside the boat without collisions, is for not having conflits with the ship, or simply, because some objects has not embed collisions.
    I say that for own experience again. Sometime i've extracted GTA Online Yacht props to try to make the Yacht's Interior and Exterior work in SinglePlayer Mode, and i discovered that interior objects was separated from their static collision. And some props presents on GTA Online's Yacht, are on the Amels-200. I've still seen a diner table that i've already used on the game. This table doesn't belongs to GTA Online's Yacht, and it has own collision.
    By this reason is that i believe that @RsMods can left some objects without collisions, just for not having conflits with his yacht, got it?
    I really hope my comment can be helpful to answer some questions from community at here
    Have a great day everyone.

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    19 de julio de 2021
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    @RsMods As I already suspected. I came to think of that.
    Yesterday I swed off a ride across the pacific with Michael taking his family for a ride aboard his newest, more modern luxury yacht. And you know what, buddy?
    Despite some limitations imposed, not by you, but by the game itself, it was an amazing trip, a wonderful ride
    Once again you're to be congratulated.
    This yacht of yours has a lot more items and furniture in the indoor area than that gta iv yacht.
    I know that some furniture without collision, is because of conflicts of props of the game with vehicles. I say that because I've had this experience, and it's not pleasant at all.
    Anyway, I'll be increasing my rating on your mod to five stars.

    16 de julio de 2021