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  • B2d57d mta profile picture

    Cool mod. Could you write a version for FiveM? Release your base code so I can, or Conversely list what natives you used to create this mod?

    16 de diciembre de 2017
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    As Guad has abandoned you all to this horrible, never to be upgraded again mod, in favor of his walled-garden GTA Network. I invite all who can't join him there on that very fine mod, to come to the new "Co-op"; a GTA V mod that requires nothing but 1.36 or newer. Watch it here: See you there.

    14 de marzo de 2017
  • B2d57d mta profile picture

    Server says update client. use Client 0.9.2 or older
    No Servers/F9 Not Working? Restart GTAV
    Password blocked. Pick a different server.
    Or always F9 > Server IP > > Connect
    Or join us at the same IP on IVMP or MTA

    15 de noviembre de 2016
  • B2d57d mta profile picture

    Surprised not to see your "building something better than Coop" Project yet Guad. I waited patiently. Have you forgotten us. Don't leave your wonderful mod behind. So many enjoy it!

    14 de noviembre de 2016
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    Going to need all of these server functions:
    And please tell me a linux version is in the works.

    15 de mayo de 2016
  • B2d57d mta profile picture

    Fun mod, thanks to the developer. Its sync is actually great. It is the players who are horrible: slow connections, bad computers. 9 out of 10 players should be banned from using the share traffic mod which is always horrible. The master server list no longer displays any servers regularly, though one often comes up from time to time. A game-state list should be available online somewhere for manual ip joining from the client. I look forward very much to this development, and future improvements. thanks for all the time spent on this! ~ treboR

    5 de mayo de 2016
  • B2d57d mta profile picture


    3 de septiembre de 2015
  • B2d57d mta profile picture

    This thing crashes all the time at random. Rebuilt GTA5 to be certain. Running: ScriptHookV_1.0.393.4a, asi-loader-v, ScriptHookVDotNet v1.1, MapEditor 1.5 none of which crashed ever until I add this via Open IV. Very useful mod for developing maps, otherwise, thanks.

    31 de agosto de 2015
  • B2d57d mta profile picture

    with no hud map i cant check my north orientation

    29 de agosto de 2015
  • B2d57d mta profile picture

    If I push F7 to load a map while my target is pointed at a World Object it does not switch to the load screen but rather opens that World Object's location (this happens 20 times a day). Nice job on fixing Object rotation. The Space Search feature in F and P doesn't seem to search anymore as it reports all objects cant be found even though i can see them in common scroll search. Keep up the otherwise great work!

    29 de agosto de 2015