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  • 4b826c untitled

    @LilBuff08 Someone has already made models for Trevor and Michael with Claude and Tommy im sure, you just need to rename the 4 main yft and ytt files to player_one or player_two (trevor) replace there yft files with your new named ones.
    Legenddario991 was the creator of the CJModel for addon peds i have just made it used as a replacement for franklin instead as that was only way to do proper audio work for CJ instead of using a ped with few lines. I made it into a DLC pack aswell instead of manually adding everything then i looked for any graphics used in frontend or menu textures to change to CJ .
    You wont see alot of audio mods at all, really is tedious but the end result can be worth it!
    I think my best work is in the Repossession Mission if you aint played first two missions with my audio mod play them! take your time to so you can listen to all the convos being said

    27 de octubre de 2022
  • 4b826c untitled

    @LilBuff08 Because it takes way to long to do it! two years on and off this took me.
    Its finding the ingame lines for scripted events or missions thats long because each line of audio is named something like e.g
    "AA_OC-01 " now that means i have to play and listen to every line of audio until i found franklin speaking and have to keep the conversation flowing still by what ever the next response was it had to match up with that.
    Changing franklins freemode lines was fine as all them lines are named for what it is e.g generic_crash or Generic_hello you can tell what they mean, other work for scripted/missions and stranger and freaks are listed as CODE names not what there used for so it was VERY VERY TEDIOUS WORK.
    I still want to finish of the missions and stranger and freaks but finding the time to do so is a task.

    24 de octubre de 2022
  • 4b826c untitled

    @MF Whoooo ive only ever used the model by legenddario991 with that there's about 4 outfit slots he uses with different textures for each one i.e t-shirts or hoodies can change texture on them to different one.
    There was not many clothing items he put in the model and i dont know how to rig models into the game to make new clothing items CJ model is diffrent to MP model and other models in game.

    7 de octubre de 2022
  • 4b826c untitled

    @MF Whoooo download the hd universe mod and with files you get for it "ymt and yft" rename them to "player_one" for both and delete the ones in my CJClassic folder in dlc packs and put the ones you named for hd ped in instead and rest of cloth files from the folder

    6 de octubre de 2022
  • 4b826c untitled

    @MF Whoooo the ped that is used only has so many clothing files, thats why i only added textures on the existing clothes for cm punk t shirt etc, CJModel is taller than franklin so franklins clothes dont fit him and some will be invisible for CJ. I didnt rig the model, my audio mod is used with franklin so you can use any CJ model to change franklins model if there is one that supports his clothing i think HD universe CJ does not to sure tho

    6 de octubre de 2022
  • 4b826c untitled

    @riverthegoat There is a read me with my mod, it will tell you how bro.
    Two OIVS one for audio and one for textures

    15 de septiembre de 2022
  • 4b826c untitled

    @mike_afton1987 if its audio then delete the x64 folder from your mods folder.
    for cj model, go into dlcpacks and delete CJClassic

    14 de septiembre de 2022
  • 4b826c untitled

    @riverthegoat Carl Johnson Audio by me check my page

    12 de septiembre de 2022
  • 4b826c untitled

    @The-Canon There is two OIV's, CJMAINv6 this is the replacement oiv for franklin completely replacing his model and textures to Carl's.
    and CJAUDIOv5 Which is the main OIV this replaces all of franklins in game audio.
    you cant switch between CJ and Franklins model no.
    but you could use any model to replace franklin and my CJ Audio would still be replacing franklins
    This is why i made the mod as using CJ as a addon ped meant there was no audio present for him other than using the voice player mod which is random lines on a press of a key.
    i wanted a fully voiced CJ lol and i think CJ sounds better than franklin which is why i choose him to be replaced.

    11 de septiembre de 2022
  • 4b826c untitled

    Waiting for MY NEW UPDATE to upload to google drive.
    I have now completed all freemode lines!
    There is still the weed conversations when smoking weed at your apartment but honestly i forgot to include them when i had already made the Version 5 OIV so dont go smoking no weed or you will trip out and hear franklin instead of CJ.
    NEW UPDATE Should be on here and GTAInside anytime this week when they approve it.
    19:21pm 06/09/2022 GMT

    6 de septiembre de 2022