BCSO Ghost pack [Add-on] 2.0

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Combine my unmarked into a package and make ghost livery for them.
There are five kinds of cars, each with two different lighting settings except for the stanier.
Any suggestions or bugs found please mention me in the comments

-Adjusted mipmaps.thanks to neogeo39
-Removed chrome on the Landroamer
-Added custom sounds from Voit Turyv's buffalo A/C pack

1. copy the 'bcghost' folder to the file path "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/"
2. open OpenIV
3. navigate to 'dlclist.xml' in "mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/". Add "dlcpacks:/bcghost/"

Spawn Name:
bcghost (Stanier)
bcghost3,bcghost4 (BuffaloS)
bcghost5,bcghost6 (Scout)
bcghost7,bcghost8 (Alamo)
bcghost9,bcghost10 (Landroamer)

- Rockstar Games original model,textures and vehicle parts.
- Dani02 BuffaloS and Scout model.
- GCT Alamo model.
- Tall70 Landstalker model.
- DustyFlop edited Stanier police model.
- Bravo-One-Charlie edited BuffaloS and Landroamer police model.
- TheF3nt0n mapped Stanier and BuffaloS.
- Voit Turyv dashcam model,pushbar model,emergency light,BuffaloS wheels.
- IlayArye edited Alamo police and Landroamer model,mapped Alamo,Scout and Landroamer.
- Jacobmaate emergency light.
- Vx5 Voltage edited Scout police Model,Stanier steelie wheels,toughbook model,police console improvements.
- LamboFreak BuffaloS new headlight,Buffalo custom sound
- Syalfett and Bakiba3r Alamo ghost livery.
- SAS994 emergency light setup,Stanier,BuffaloS,Scout and Landroamer ghost livery.
- Velactor emergency light for Scout reversinglights.
- Nachtfliege Landroamer headlight textures.
- AlexanderLB BuffaloS and Landroamer badges,Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture.

If there are any credits missing or incorrect please notify me

Siren ID:
If your emergency light doesn't work or they're in the wrong place,change the sirens ID in carcols.meta and carvariations.meta located in bcghost/dlc.rpf/data/
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