Chum's Bucket of Classics Pack [Add-On | Sounds] 1.1 Hotfix


Ever wanted to expand your automotive horizons past the million-dollar hypercars and weaponized shopping carts? Well, it just so happens you've stumbled upon a derelict garage full of Brazilian shitboxes, some weird Australian thing, an amphibious Russian military vehicle, and a few others you can't even identify. What's next to do? You know exactly what. Rev up your engines, engage your floatation devices, and hope to god they don't explode.

Skysderworks, LLC takes no responsibility for breakdowns, explosions, or crashes. Sold as seen, no warranty given nor implied.

Update 1.1 Hotfix :
- Removed any mentions of a non-included mod, which was a developer oversight while compiling 1.1. If you have the previous version of 1.1, please replace it with this version out of respect for the original creator of the mods, thank you.

This is a pack of 15 never-before-released mods created by Patão_Innertubey, released with full permission.

Before downloading this pack, please be advised that this pack contains some 2-4-year-old mods that are unpolished nor finished, though they are completely playable. They will vary in quality throughout the pack, so please take note of that before commenting about anything model-related.

...That being said, handling has been completely remade including a few various bug fixes. More updates are planned down the line to improve other aspects like interiors, bodies, etc. For now, these are released AS-IS.

The models in this pack were originally created by Patão_Innertubey, then compiled by me and edited by the Skysderworks Community as a whole. It is meant as a tribute to Chum, who is retiring from modding in due time. Thank you for countless awesome mods!
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