CXT flatbed tow truck [Add-On / Replace | FiveM | ELS / non-ELS] non els v2.1


CXT flatbed [ELS] addon/replace
New Non ELS 5M resourse
by candice mods

addon by taco popo
non els carcols by candimods and MAOAM

Additional recommended mod Tow winch

(screenshots dont reflect updates)

7 livery's with template included, can support up to 7 Livery's.

6 Tow Companys, LS DOT Livery

Hands on Steering!!!, HQ Mirrors , boot arrow stick custom made
Whelen Towmans Freedom IV , with brake lights and indicators in lightbar.
Custom made rotating amber arrow stick.
basbeball bobble head from online dlc R*

For arrowstick Use trainer to open boot/trunk or alt + ] for ELS Singleplayer only.

Open IV Autoinstaller - download the autoinstaller, DoubleClick and install to mod folder. Auto installer installs both dsflatbed and cxttow. automatically you just have to install the ELS vcf.

Fivem Installation Instructions:
The folder you downloaded includes everything you need for a drag and drop install into your fivem resource along with a
tow script which is named under "tow" in the folder.
First thing you'll do is drag the tow into your resource folder. After that you will go into your
server.cfg file and type "start tow" and that should be all you need to do.

For sedans when towing if appear too high on bed change coordinates in client.lua of tow script

adjust z = 1.20 coords

Allbos Arrest Manager : tows using a flatbed, you will need to adjust the X Y Z coords in the Script to make the tow vehicle teleport to the right location.

if you are going to use this for Allbos arrest manager installe as replace or add on just add the new flatbed to the cfg and coords below

Arrest manager add the flatbed use these coords.


1 - arrow board on/off
2- rear loads

ELS and Extra Assignment:

Extra-ten driver side compartment door
Extra 11 take downs [rear facing takedowns]
Extra 12 Scene lights

Boot - arrow stick

To install -

replace - rename vehicle file as needed, Use OpenIV to import the Files to "/Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday9ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf/" or the last patchday!

Addon- follow instructions in add on download

Additional Credits
DEV hazard LEDS by MooseYTY
Cones and barriers goes to 72Will on LSPDFR.
Modified tow script also goes to sobo.
Various skins DJ B.. Leeroy J. and Candice
arrowstick by candice created from HG2 mods siderunners
bobble head by R*
arrowstick by candice from HG2 siderunners
CXT from turboaquid converted, chrunched, game ready conversions by candice

download civ cxt pickup here

special thanks to Thero, and modders zone stafff.

you are NOT allowed to rip, reupload, redistribute, or repackage this modification. Please link to this download. you are NOT allowed to UNLOCK this file.
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