Maibatsu Penumbra Retro [Add-On | Tuning | Liveries] 1.1


Hi everyone, thank you for waiting

This is one of my projects which is actually quite long (more than 1 year) due to my lack of knowledge in making car models and this is my first car that is not yet in GTA 5.

Penumbra Retro comes from the SilentSoul21 sketch idea (although not very similar, because I'm not a pro) has the base of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, a little Silvia S15 style on the front and Eagle Talon style on the back. Here are some things you need to know in my mod...

Changelog :

- Added 2 models, Spyder (pentro3) and S-Custom (pentrogpr2)
- Added livery : PRB-Lovers, Blue Shinobi, Green Shinobi, and Ghoul Pandem
- Added some tuning part
- Improvment handling by Eddlm

- Fix Carbon texture on tuning part
- Remove corona light on rearlight
- A little repair on model and tuning part

- first release

Features :

- Have Tuning part
- Dirtmap
- Have Livery
- Breakable window glass
- Had 5 models (Standar, RHD, Spyder and 2 Widebody)

Installation :

- Open readme.txt to installation
- To spawn cars with trainer seen in Sport for Standard and RHD, in Coupes for Spyder and Super for 2 widebody (or search pentro for standard, pentro2 for RHD, pentro3 for Spyder,pentrogpr and pentrogpr2 for widebody version)

Known issue :

- Only have LOD0 in each model (cars.yft and cars hi.yft)
- Some livery is missing / truncated on mod tuning such as bumper and front bodykit Penumbra Retro Widebody
- Sometimes the rear windshield withstands bullets, but still can break
- Animation on RHD is not too perfect (because in the game, RHD cars don't yet exist)
- Spyder soft roof just extra part, doesn't have convertible animation

Credits :

- Allah, my Lord because I was given life
- Rockstars Games for basic car components
- SilentSoul21 for car sketches as a reference (though not very similar, I'm not a pro)
- K1LLFANTASY for add car interiors and repair of several details of the car
- y97y for the way of work from RHD, without him this mod will never be finished
- Eddlm to teach and help about handing car
- TheSecretPower for the decals that I used in my livery
- 13Stewartc and tick-ydro-the-doctor for give guide to fix breakable vehicle windows
- Ambient, Gryffin, GTAGFX, Gilbert, Marksman for some cool shots
- And all the friends from Vanilla Works Team who have given criticism, suggestions and assistance during the development process

Also some cool livery like :
- Neon Tears by Danone
- Street Toy, Art Hoe, Benny Shopping list, Cheap Itasha by Ambient
- Crowex 24h, Team Maibatsu, Racing: The Edge by Crantlet
- Finish line, Deadlock, Access Blue, Yung Ancestor by GogoDG
- Almost Had Me, Kaihatsu Party, Flow Hydration by TheSecretPower also Kelda Pinup decals on the Flow Hydration livery by AkaiRiot
- Penumbra Racing by Daerius
- Blue and Green Shinobi by .Del

I hope you like it and enjoy it
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