Nagasaki Kusa/Kunoichi [addon/tuning] 1.0

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Nagasaki Kusa and Kunoichi

If as me you think it's a shame the Stryder got 3 wheels, the Kusa is for you. now a proper lore Z1000 bike !
And if you are more interested by the Z750 or the Z800.. Well the Kunoichi should satisfy you.

instal in the read me

features :

custom lore friendly bikes :

- Nagasaki Kunoichi, based on Kawasaki z750 and z800
- Nagasaki Kusa, based on Kawasaki z1000, the vanilla Stryder turned into a bike
- few tuning parts
- custom dials
- lods
- dirt map

1.0 : release
1.0 hotfix ! : fixed the exhaust bug on the Kusa

enjoy, and remember to respect driving restriction in your contry
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