San Andreas Highway Patrol Sandking Pick-up [Add-On ] 1.1

9edf7d grand theft auto v screenshot 2019.08.19
9edf7d grand theft auto v screenshot 2019.08.19
9edf7d grand theft auto v screenshot 2019.08.19
9edf7d grand theft auto v screenshot 2019.08.19
9edf7d grand theft auto v screenshot 2019.08.19


Highway patrol and trucks – now that’s an amusing combination. Brought into service by stubborn fools who think a horde of cruisers and SUVs is not enough, this Sandking Utility truck serves the San Andreas Highway Patrol with pride and hope – for adequacy, road safety and positive chances of survival for yet another day. Fully kitted out with all the necessary police tech, it can certainly provide the latter - or at least go up in smokes trying.

Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.


1.1 =\updated assets


• NEW! - improved interior equipment - replaced laptops with toughbooks.

modified model by Myself:
• Template rendered in 4K include inside the .zip package
• Wheels: new unique wheels remade from vanilla assets by 11John11, and small edits by myself
• Handling: new Handling made by Eddlm.

• SAHP: Power Metal branded pushbar with angled red LED lights and a loudspeaker; new lightbar based closely on Whelen Liberty used on CHP vehicles - custom model with LED-based lighting setup or a rear deck traffic advisor lightbar (slicktop),Unique wheels made by 11John11.
• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.


Rockstar Games - original vehicle and police equipment models and textures.
IlayArye - vehicle model, UV mapping and templating, law enforcement variants, livery designs, working spotlights.
Eddlm - custom handling.
(Ambient) - screenshots.


Voit Turyv - Liberty lightbar remodified,rear TA original 7 slot.
11john11 - emergency lighting setups.
GCT - SWB Sandking
Bob322 - converting to V
Skitty - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model.
Vx5 Voltage - police toughbook model, police console model improvements.


AlexanderLB - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture, police toughbook case and wallpaper textures, additional decals.
GCT - Light textures
Jacobmaate - SAHP decals.

-If you want to modify the model or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me via forums.
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