Train Car changes 1.4


** With 1.4 I have attempted to Fix Mission Trains Crashing, I don't play missions to often so if the problem is still around, Please drop a comment.

This mod changes what Trains are hauling, There are a few freight cars that have been removed and new ones added for now there are only 2 variations of train spawns and one metro train change. (As of 1.1 Readded freight cars in different variations.)

a long oil train, and a double engine no freight cars setup.(added too many to list as of 1.1)
The metro train is now much longer with 8 cars attached.
This mod also makes all trains stop at stations like the mp ones do.

(See For Mod folder tutorial)

open openIV.
Navigate to

Add the xml files to this folder. This will take load priority
over anything in common.rpf
so no need to backups
(if you want it gone delete the files from update.rpf.)
Close open iv.

Start gtav go to a train track to check changes to what they are hauling.
Also I've tested this with train driver scripts it works perfect.

**If you experience crashing on game start, Reopen update.rpf in openIV and Click file Rebuild.**

1.4 Fixed Crashing in missions, Caused by me removing a line needed for the trains to work correctly.

1.3 1st Attempt to fix Trains over 100 cars causing crashes randomly.

1.2. Added New Train car configs, Also made them much longer at 100+ cars and a little faster aswell.

1.1b Added new install method.

1.1 Changes. Added new variations including a few super trains hauling more than 50 cars with 3 engines in the front one example can be seen in the screenshots. Forgot to note in this version i readded Freight cars.
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