Manual Weapon Pickups

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This simple mod enables manual pickup feature for all vanilla weapons in game, originally only used by fuel can. Money/health/armor or ammo for weapons that you already have on you will still be picked up automatically

Unlike other existing pickups-altering mods, especially Stryfaar's Immersive Pickups, this mod doesn't change anything besides adding the button requirement. It won't add an option to drop weapons, change pickup distance and glow effects, won't modify textures or models. On a pros side - this mod supports all weapons in the game for date, unlike others; and that's its only goal at the moment.

Works for game version 1.0.1868.0 "Diamond Casino Heist" and older

The mod overwrites pickups.meta files in update.rpf and multiple dlc_patch folders, so if you have any mods replacing those files, their functionality may be affected

Installation is automated with OpenIV package
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