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Paleto Bay Alive

This scene makes the small city area of Paleto Bay more alive. You can enter the Henhouse, hire a boat at the boathouse, see more people in town, hop on a train when you enter the railhouse, visit a new residential area and there are enough other things to explore. I've included a map so you get some points of interest. Hope you will like it!

Latest version of Map Editor 2.15 by Guad & Oldnapalm
[read the requirements of this mod to get it working]

OmegaKingMods Map Builder

You can use the latest free version of MBIV Redux (4.1), it loads most of the props for my maps.
Don't forget to add the line for Map Builder into your dlclist!

If you really want to load the original props of the maps then choose for the older Map Builder Community 1.04 SP
Don't forget to add the line for Map Builder into your dlclist!

If the game crashes on loading screen then use a custom gameconfig. The latest Map Builder will probably provide you also with a gameconfig if you install the latest version with the OIV Package file. Here are some other gameconfigs you can probably use to run GTA5 with mods.

Gameconfig (1.0.28..) for Limitless Vehicles V30

Gameconfig Tuners Update by Dilapidated

An Object, Ped & Vehiclelist that contains the latest GTA5 DLC (The Contract) by A1Draco + Map Builder props [one is added in the download].

Object Spawn Unlocker 1.1 to get more objects.
If you use Menyoo you don't need this.
Changes 1.1

Paleto Bay has now a railhouse above the tracks near Cluckin' Bell factory, the warehouse offers storage space for goods and supplies. With this warehouse you can now easily hop on a train. I also fixed some object placements and corrected some object heights.

Changes 1.2

The islands in the north have now become habitable, grab a boat at the boat house or fly with a helicopter to go there.

Changes 1.3.5 Hotfix

The Barge from the xmas dlc has been added to the map. Some bugs has been fixed at the Hen House and Boathouse.

Changes 1.4 [now uses Map Builder]

I've now taken advantage of OmegaKingMods Map Builder, the foundation for the houses & buildings around the map has been re-laid with better textures and looks now way better then the default foundation block [it looks now more realistic]. Some bugs were fixed. The ymap version has no interior for the Hen House because it don't supports teleport-markers, therefor i've created an extra building on one of the two islands in the north of the map. The ymap version has also an xtra house and all buildings have lights in the residential area.

Changes 1.5 [dynamic update]

In this update i've set most of the objects to dynamic, so now the objects will interact with the player in the gameworld. I Added some nice props from the After Hours DLC such as new tents, vehicles etc. And I fixed some bugs.

Changes 1.5.1 [dynamic update]

A block of the Railhouse was turned wrong and has now been corrected again and some minor height corrections have now been corrected. Ymap included.

Changes 1.6 [Diamond Casino/Heist update]

The abandoned residence has some new props & paintings from the Diamond Casino/Heist update and there are some bugfixes.

Changes 1.7 [The Contract/Tuners update/Cayo Perico Heist DLC update]

The grouting of the walls of the bungalo on the Holliday Islands has been set horizontally. The boathouse has been given a tight roof, some jetties have been improved & some other bugs have been fixed. Some new vehicles and other props have been placed.

How to load this map

Put the file "Paleto" into your GTA 5 base directory, then press in game F7 [can be anywhere on the map] but do not enter map-editor, load the map manual by pressing "Paleto".The map teleports you automaticly to the beach near the boathouse when you load this map. Don't load this map with Autoload maps otherwise some pieces will maybe not load.
Extra Information

You can also use Jedijosh920 sitting mod to sit on a bench.

Use this mod for real working Hotdog Vendors by Jedijosh920

Alive & City ymap pack [has all the maps in packs for the game]

Ymap Included
If you want to enter the Henhouse or Boathouse without people to bothering
you i'll advise you to set "everybody ignores player" with trainerv.

This map was build with Map Builder Community 1.04 SP
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