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The purpose of this map is to make the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness/hunting area seem like a more deep and dense forest than it actually is. Instead of just spamming the place with evergreens that provide no real cover I have strategically placed hundreds of trees and bushes that help make the area feel more like a small forest. What was once thin patches of trees in the foothills is now a small but dense woodland awaiting exploration. It's a great place to hunt, hike, go offroading or potentially ditch the cops depending on your wanted level. The map also includes a short row of decorative trees along the highway just before the bridge and I've put a few small "easter eggs" out there for you but nothing really noteworthy. You can find them in map editor mode in the list of entities if you don't have the time to look for them.
Use map editor to spawn a camp fire anywhere you like, just search for beach fire in props.

This will most certainly eat some fps so don't expect it to run perfectly unless your computer is badass.

Get the camo suit and more cool hunting stuff from spud here:

To install you place Chiliad.xml in your GTAV folder and load the map in game with map editor.
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