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Have you always wanted the realism of the correct agency patrolling and responding in their own jurisdictions?
Well this is a complete set of xml files for setting up the map to have your custom fleet/s patrol, and respond as backup, in their relevant jurisdiction/s.

This is a complete set of xml files for setting up the map to have your custom fleet/s patrol, and respond as backup, in their relevant jurisdiction/s. So LSPD in Los Santos, BCSO in Blaine County, etc.

This version is set to have EUP outfits, and Ultimate Backup for backup

Summary: What Does it Do?
  • Sets up regions/jurisdictions for separate departments.
  • Sets up the relevant patrols in the different jurisdictions.
  • Sets up the relevant backup to respond in their different jurisdictions.
  • Allows you to customize your vehicles for the relevant regions/jurisdictions/departments.

Files are ready to play as is but, they are very easily customizable for your chosen vehicles.

Watch the video below for installationYou can contact us on our Discord or on our Website for help or more information.
There are two download options to choose from:
  • An auto-installer for easy one-click installation.
  • A manual installation, with drag-and-drop files.

Six options currently available:

Option 1 - Adds jurisdictions for: LSPD, LSSD, BCSO, Del Perro PD, Grapeseed PD, La Mesa PD, Vinewood PD, Rockford Hills PD, Vespucci PD, LSIA PD, Port Authority, and SA Park Rangers.
Option 2 - As above, but removes Park Ranger jurisdiction.
Option 3 - Basic jurisdictions covering LSPD, LSSD, BCSO and SAHP (similar to the old RDE areas.)
Option 4 - Option 3 plus Sandy Shores PD, Paleto Bay PD and Grapeseed PD, plus Campus Security for Richman, and an added SAHP station.
Option 5 - Option 1, with smaller Park Ranger jurisdiction, and also includes FIB and IAA stations.
NEW Option 6 - LSPD, LSAP, Del Perro PD, Rockford Hills PD, Campus Security, LSSD, BCSO, Sandy Shores PD, Grapeseed PD, Park Rangers and Paleto Bay PD.

Need help deciding which Option/Map to choose? Click here for a comparison table.

Required before using these xml scripts:

Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order;
Emergency uniforms pack - Serve & Rescue
LSPDFR EUP Configurations
Ultimate Backup (All In One Backup) is optional, but highly recommended to use these scripts to their full potential!

We suggest you install some custom/add-on vehicles/liveries for your new jurisdictions!

Please contact us on our Discord or our Websitefor any help, to support us, or for further information.
Full instructions in the video (click here)
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