Multipack of GTA: San Andreas Radio Stations 1.0

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Multipack of GTA San Andreas Radio Stations. Bounce FM, K-DST & K-Rose
All the audio has been compressed by me (Needle) to be louder and more enjoyable.

Always make a backup or use Mods folder! Or you may get banned!

How to install:

First you need OpenIV, but I'm assuming that you know this already.

1. Navigate to: GTA V / x64 / audio / sfx
2. Enable Edit Mode
3. Move radio files you want to replace to OpenIV window

Next step is optional.

To install HUD textures

1. Navigate to:

GTA V / update / update.rpf / x64 / patch / data / cdimages / scaleform_generic.rpf

2. Enable Edit Mode
3. Look for hud.ytd and open it
4. Click import button on the top left and import modded gtav_radio_stations_texture_512
5. Click save button on the bottom right

You can change radio name if you really want. To do this:

1. Navigate to:

GTA V / update / update.rpf / x64 / data / lang

2. Choose language file that you are actually using in your game
3. Copy it to mods folder. Right click on it, then "show in mods folder"
4. Open copied .rpf file and look for global.gxt2 file
5. Right click on .gxt2 file and export it to "open formats" (.oxt)
6. Open exported file and search for radio station name CTRL+F (For Example East Los FM)
7. Change name of it to K-DST
8. Save and exit
9. Go back to OpenIV window, right mouse click on backround and choose Import Open Formats
10. Import your modified global.gxt2 file
11. Done

Known Issues:

Sometimes the radio can overlayed.
When that occur just change your radio station using radio wheel and switch back to modded one.
It's because original duration of radio sound file is different than modded one.
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