Pre-Release HUD 1.1 (PC, 1.67)



Changes the GTA Online HUD to the day one version of GTA V.

You'll need an ASI loader (that can load to GTA Online) and OpenIV.asi (can be downloaded from OpenIV's ASI Manager). Put both to the game folder.
  1. Open OpenIV
  2. Enable Edit mode
  3. Drag and drop the .oiv file to OpenIV
  4. Install (I recommend to "mods" folder)
  5. yippee

PlayStation 3
  1. Open OpenIV and select PS3
  2. Enable Edit mode
  3. Put the files to their respected folders (hudcolor.dat goes to update.rpf/common/data/ui, .gfx fiiles goes to update.rpf/ps3/patch/data/cdimages/scaleform(underscore)generic.rpf)
  4. yippee

  • Celebration rank numbers are slightly mispositioned
  • RP shape in celebration are slightly mispositioned
  • Playerlist everywhere else than freemode are still blue
  • Username in Choose Character is still in white
  • On-screen RP icons are still in circle

  • BakeWithMe (MMI), KimiSha19 for the beta Online findings, check the forum topic here!
  • alessandromrc for most work on the PC port
  • 3TA Online creators making Online possible
  • FFdec developers
  • OpenIV
  • KR4N3N64 for OpenIV Package Manager
  • .eliteprime
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