Nachos Expanded & Enhanced License Plates (& more) 1.0


This pack further enhances the vehshare that was introduced with the Expanded & Enhanced game files. In here you will find 512x256 versions of all existing plates aswell as some additional ones I made for fun that are also based on the actual game lore! All plates use the original fonts and are almost pixel-perfect recreations of the originals. If you don't notice any difference, that's the point!

Additionally, I also fixed some offset normals on detail2 and ajdusted the LED texture to its original brightness. This was done to create consistency with seperate textures that weren't touched by the new game files,

License Plates included:

- All six original plates (seven, if you include the Epsilon plate)
- Variations of Plate01 and Plate04 to include the DMV website and state motto
- Government plate from Dave Norton game art
- Art plate taken from a Stab City prop trailer (also a texture to replace the "California" text with "San Andreas" on said prop)
- Clean North Yankton plate
- Clean and dirty Epsilon plates

The government, art and epsilon plates include carcols.ymt entries so you can spawn them as add-ons. The other replace-plates do not require any editing of game files! They are all added with one DLC-Pack.

All plates are done from scratch by me and also include custom hand-crafted normal maps. If you wanna do your own custom plates, ask me for the .PSDs.
You can use these plates freely on your server or expand on them. Please just credit me; Donations are also appreciated :)

Please contact me via Discord - Nacho#3194 - I won't look in the comment section or in the Forums.

R*, if you see this feel free to add them to the E&E update, we won't judge.

Picture Credits :11john11
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