Revised Police Car Textures v3.1


This mod edits several of the police vehicle their textures ingame.

The list of changes are:
Police Bike - Replaced LSPD decals with SAHP ones.

Police Buffalo - Removed the 'Police' decal from the hood

Police Interceptor - Removed the 'Police' decal from the trunk

Police Transporter - Removed the 'Police' decal from the front doors and the back left door.

Police Riot - Gave the vehicle a makeover, it now has a black appearance with white text and a colored NOOSE logo. I also added 'Tactical Response Unit' on the side of the van, like the ones from GTA IV. The LSPD decal on the door now reads 'N.O.O.S.E.' instead, as it spawns all over the state, not only in LSPD jurisdiction.

Police Predator - Removed the 'Obey & Survive' slogan from the front of the vehicle and also removed the 'dial 911' decal. The generic 'police' decals have been replaced with 'Coast Guard'. The LS City Seal on the front also has been replaced with a 'Coast Guard' decal.

Police Maverick - Removed the LSPD decal on the bottom of the heli and replaced the generic 'police' on the door of the heli with an 'LSPD' decal. The generic 'police' decal on the heli its tail has been replaced with an identification number, like the real LAPD heli's have.

Annihilator - Gave the texture a makeover, now making it more represent a real dept of homeland and security blackhawk. The yellow stripe has been darkened, the NOOSE logo has been made yellow and very dark brown. I also 'Police' on the heli its door and on the back of the main body. The yellow stripe now reads 'National Office Of Security Enforcement' on its tail.

Installation instructions are included in the readme file.
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