3671 Whispymound Drive, Vinewood Hills
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  • Chop

    @TheF3nt0n Any chance to still get your removed 1st Gen Stanier?
    Really liked the car with the new grille and rims.

    hace 7 días
  • Chop

    @Van_Zandt Great to hear. I've been playing around a little bit and I gotta say your changes are already pretty noticeable. I'm especially impressed by the construction site on the Oceanic/La Puerta Fwy interchange.
    A few things I noticed:
    The police car row in front of the Davis Station stretching across the entire block is too long IMO. Doesn't look right, especially considering the Station has its own parking lot. I'd remove the Cruisers parked in front of the court.
    The black/yellow warning panels you've set up in sharp turns are stuck into the concrete when changing onto La Puerta approaching westbound from Del Perro.
    Those funny yellow traffic cones are a bit over the top on the left turn lane on Elysian Fields Fwy towards El Burro Blvd. A few red cones should be enough I'd say.

    14 de enero de 2019
  • Chop

    @Van_Zandt Great, I was about to bring up those 30 mph roads for no reason whatsover. Other roads that are particiularly bad in that regard are Senora Way & Senora Rd. Same goes for Joshua Rd & Seaview Rd near Grapeseed. I'd also increase traffic speeds on Del Perro Fwy in the Del Perro Area and the following tunnel as well as on Elysian Fields Fwy & the Miriam Turner Overpass.
    Apart from that, some traffic signs are either misplaced, make zero sense or are simply plain wrong. For instance, the exit signs on Grand Senora Fwy point to the left right into the median instead of towards the right shoulder where the offramps are actually located. There's also a 35 mph sign southbound on Grand Senora Fwy located after the southern exit towards Grapeseed, not to mention the loads of misplaced & misaligned stop & yield signs all across Los Santos.
    Leaving Pacific Bluffs & travelling northbound on Great Ocean Hwy, I noticed cars seemingly speeding up right before entering Chumash, causing severe unnecessary accidents beacuse of the immediately following hard right turn and the junction with Inseno Rd. I'd suggest limiting traffic speed on Great Ocean Hwy on all junctions in Chumash and adding proper left turning lanes.
    When merging onto Del Perro Fwy, cars always seem to enter the second right lane instead of the rightmost lane.
    There are no traffic lights when entering/exiting Del Perro Fwy via Elgin Ave although traffiic seems to behave as if there were functioning traffic signs.

    Those are some of the flaws that came to my mind just now. Would've dealt with them a long time ago if I'd have gotten myself around to actually looking into texture editing and Codewalker.
    Anyway, thanks for reading :D

    14 de enero de 2019
  • Chop

    @Van_Zandt Oh shit, this sounds awesome. Are you also planning to reconfigure traffic routing here and there by any chances? If yes I might have some suggestions for you if you're interested.

    13 de enero de 2019
  • Chop

    @Razed Many bushes and trees seem to have a weird bright glow to them in the morning hours. Any way to fix this?

    24 de noviembre de 2018
  • Chop

    @Bozza I'd really love to see more of your creations publicly released :)

    18 de noviembre de 2018
  • Chop

    @Vx5 Voltage Those Interceptors look great. The only issue I have is lighting:
    The front is fine, the lighting in the rear of the Interceptor could use some improvement, though. I'd move the LEDs built into the upper part of the back window down to the bottom of the window. Also, I'd set the reverse lights to flash instead of the rear lights. As for the unmarked Intercptor, I don't really like the default lightbar built into the windshield. Maybe a more minimalistic setup like what Bozza did on his LAPD-styled Slicktop Police Cruiser?

    18 de noviembre de 2018
  • Chop

    @Vx5 Voltage I noticed the lighting of the slicktop version doesn't feature reflections.
    Also, I'd prefer a lighting setup without those wig wags.
    Awesome cars other than that with that attention to detail!

    21 de septiembre de 2018
  • Chop

    NOOSE really needs to crack down on those illegal chocolate egg traffickers.

    9 de septiembre de 2018
  • Chop

    Not that much of a fan of those rims. I see where you are coming from but the rims of the Glendale would definetely fit better @Dani02

    8 de septiembre de 2018