Powerpuff Girls Textures


This mod replaces the skin textures of 26 different story characters with characters from the classic show The Powerpuff Girls.

To install navigate to the directory locations listed in the folder headings with OpenIV or a similar application and Copy and Replace. Make sure that you're in Edit Mode and stuff.
Alternatively you can browse through the png previews and simply replace the ones you want with OpenIV nifty texture viewer.

To revert the characters to their lesser and more boring appearances use the backup folder and follow the same instructions as the installation.

**Cast List**

Professor Utonium - Lester Crest

*The Powerpuff Girls*
Blossom - Trevor Philips
Bubbles - Michael De Santa
Buttercup - Franklin Clinton

*The Rowdyruff Boys*
Brick - Steve Hains
Boomer - Chris Formage
Butch - Devin Westin

*Gangreen Gang*
Lil' Arturo - Lamar Davis
Ace - Grove Street Families #1
Grubber - Grove Street Families #2
Snake - Grove Street Families #3
Big Billy - Stretch

*Amoeba Boys*
Junior - Tao Cheng
Slim - Tao Cheng's Translator
Bossman - Cheng Senior

Fuzzy Lumpkins - Bigfoot

HIM - Siemon Yetarian

Mojo Jojo - Chimp

Princess Morbucks - Jimmy De Santa

Sedusa - Molly Schultz

White Kitty - Cat

Mr. Mime - Mime

Grey Robot - Republican Space Ranger
Fish dude - Dave Norton
Purple monster - Alien
Pink monster - Baby D
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