Republican Space Ranger Outfit [MP Male/MP Female] 1.0

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Republican Space Rangers!
Intergalactic war on terror,
We don't worry 'bout collateral damage or error!
cause we're nuking hate, we're spreading freedom and liberty!
Sometimes we kill with undue glee (Oh, was that your home? Sorry!)
Gotta complete the mission!
Impossibly deny extraordinary rendition!
Spreading American values, sometimes you gotta bomb an orphanage or two!
Republican Space Rangeeeeeeeers!

If you remember back in 2015, a guy named Dragoon1010 somehow managed to obtain an early version of Executives & Other Criminals update. He was able to share bunch of screenshots with us and it included an outfit that did not make it into the release...
That of course being the Republican Space Rangers outfit, a different one than the model added with Arena War Update. Rockstar was kind enough to still leave the space ranger helmet in MP Male files by accident and i decided to port the rest of the pieces from NPC model to finally complete it.
This mod is not a true addon, it replaces the unused slots that rockstar left as invisible meshes.

Menyoo Clothing ID's:

Helmet: Accessories > Hats > 57
General Face Mask: Beard/Mask > 73
Gloves: Torso > 17
Legs: Legs > 44
Shoes (Invisible): Shoes > 33
Undershirt (Invisible): Accessory/Tops > 15
Armor: Task/Armor > 14
Top: Tops2 (Outer) > 91

Helmet: Accessories > Hats > 57
General Face Mask: Beard/Mask > 73
Gloves: Torso > 18
Legs: Legs > 46
Shoes (Invisible): Shoes > 34
Undershirt (Invisible): Accessory/Tops > 14
Armor: Task/Armor > 16
Top: Tops2 (Outer) > 82

Things To Note:

*May clip with weapons (probably why it was removed). Use ballistic weapon animations for less clipping while idle, firing is unaffected.
*Female version is a copy of male one, it looks bulky but that's kinda the point.
*LOD's are also a copy of the highest LOD so it may impact optimization if many people use it, truthfully i did not want to bother porting them aswell.
*Some textures at the back look a bit low quality, this is pure R* assets so it's not my fault.


Rockstar Games - Original assets
Slick (me) - Port


1.Paste the folder into mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2.Open dlclist.meta (mods\update\update.rpf\common\data)
3.Add entry dlcpacks:/mpapartment_rsranger/
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