AIBlink[ALPHA] - NPC turn indicators 0.03A


1. This file is in a very early stage. If your game stops working - disable this file.

This script will alter the AI driving behaviour to use blinkers.

As of now it uses the functionality of the game for this, so NPCs may or may not use turn indicators, actually they may do so at intersections, while swapping lanes etc.... WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT.

Files / instructions to make blinkers brighter included.

1. Up to date Script Hook ( v1.0.1032.1 or greater [])

2. For optional brighter indicators see readme file in zip!

==Installation instruction for main file==

1. Place AIBlink.asi into the same folder as your ScriptHookV.dll
( This should be your GTA Mods folder, if you do not use any kind of mod organizer and modify the game files directly in your GTA V folder, consider using a mod organizer! )

2. For optional brighter indicators see readme file in zip!

==Known problems==

1. AI sometimes gives a f about indicating.
2. Turn indicators are as visible as a potato in a cornfield at noon time.(Without optional brighter indicators)


-- v 0.03A --
Rewrote the code to fetch vehicles directly from game's vehicle pool.
Only looping actual vehiclecount, no more array copying.

-- v 0.02A --
Added support for bikes
Added optional file for brighter indicators

-- v 0.01A --
Initial release

Thanks to eddlm from gtaforums for the AI driving flags.
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