Buddy Control 2.7




(Can be customized in .ini file)

- To open menu Hold "Text to team " button (Pasue > settings > key bindings > GTA Online > and see wich key it is for you (Text chat everyone = "Y" by default).
Hold "BASIC_ACTIONS_MENU (Menu button "Y" by default),
once dot(crosshair) will apear on screen, point it at any human ped and then press "SELECT"(The key you use to answear the phone call "Enter" by default)"(Without taking out the phone).
- To switch menu tire (Basicaly there are 3 tires: Basic / Secondary / Date) ,just hold Phone Extra Button and then follow the instructions. (To see wich key it is, go to your GTA control settings (Pause > Settings > Key bindings / Cellphone and check there "Phone option" button).

This mod will let you to team up with any human ped and control him in many ways like:
-make him/her sit in any car and drive you or self to any waypoint,to characters position or in specific point in your sight;
-Make him/her play any closest random scenario like sit on any chair,sofa,chat with random peds e.t.c;
-Have adult stuff if you play for male character and your buddy is a female;
-To exchange phonenumbers and call your buddy anytime to arrange date;
-To make your buddy wait,follow your;
-To make your buddy get in car without you and stay in car;
-To chat with your buddy;

How to install

1.Drop all folders and files in Script folder to your ../gta5/Scripts/ (Just like all the other Scripthookvdotnet2 .dll scripts)


.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest



-Fixed script crash after the last speech line;
-Fixed .ini file settings;
-Improved chat system(If you and your buddy in car you dont need to look at him to chat,if you're both not in car you have to look at your buddy untill icon will pop up to chat with him/her);
-Added chat icon;


-Buddies now wont flee from vehicle you are sitting in;


-Improved conversation lines;
-Added "Wait" function;

1.2 HotFix

-Fixed issue with .ini file customization;


-Fixe script crash error;


-Some more critical issues fixed;


-Added "Stay in vehicle" function;
-Increased perfomance;
-Replaced/added icons;
-Added "recruite" function and button;
-Added recruiting speech;
(Now you have to recruite ped first,before give him orders);


-Added "seat menu" function; (If you near "Buddy" and look at him the icon will show up above Buddies head,then you can order him to sit or stand up.If Buddy doesnt exist or you dont look at him ,the character will sit or stand up);
-Now you can say "goodbye" to buddy from the car;
-Now, when you are in the car and you buddy is, you need to hold buddy menu button ,before talk;


-Fixed speech issues (now main characters will use their own voices);


-Added "Hug" and "Hold Hands" buttons;


-Added "HotCoffee" mod in car and on foot with your buddy;
(To perform "fun" in car hold "SECONDARY_MENU_BUTTON" in vehicle and press "FUN_BUTTON",the player will slowly restore his health and Buddy and Character will get sweaty,while relaxing and having fun together;
To perform "fun" on foot, hold "SECONDARY_MENU_BUTTON" then press "HOLD_HANDS" then "HUG" your partner and hint will show up "FUN",press it and you'll have some good times with your buddy on foot,also characters will get sweaty and restore their healths.Also the girlfriend will walk ashamed for some time;


-Added more xxx option on foot;


-Improved some anim;
-Fixed issue with animal recruiting;


-Fixed mobile phone bug;
-Fixed hint text annoying sound while having fun;
-Fixed icon "chat" pop-up while having fun;


-Fixed some issue that cause script crash in some cases;


-Improved "fun" in car anim,so it would fit in any car;


-Added function to exchange phonenumbers with any buddy and call him any time for a date(Read mod description for more info);


-Added "auto-detection buddy in the crowd" function(Can be turned off in .ini file.Bassicaly it will detect any ped in the world nearby with the same face and hair style like your buddy and will make him to recognize you,come to you and join your group untill you say him "goodbye";
-Added "Date"(Arrangment) time limit.If you called your buddy,the notification will show where you should meet him and how much game hours(can be customized in .ini file) and minutes(random value generator) you have too meet him before he cacncel the date.Also you can cancel the date on your own by calling buddy again;
-Improved calls and text messages(Added sound effects);
-Improved call and buddy detection system.Now you can call Buddy if he is around you in range of less then 25 game meters;


-Fixed all minor issues(Now everything should work as it suppose to be);
-Code optimization;


-Added "PHONEBOOK_BUTTON" to exchange phone numbers or delete buddy from phoebook;
(To exchange phone numbers you should be now closer to Buddy and look at him)
-Fixed issues with starting have fun after releasing hands if you were hugging;
-Fixed some other small bugs;


-Added specific cameras for certain actions;
-Added possobility to change camera when having "fun";
-Added one more "fun" thing in car;
-Alot of Improvments in adult stuff;


-Added possobility to turn off fixed camera in .ini file (set to "false" instead of "true);


(Replace BC.ini file)
-Totally rework control system;
-Added "Follow with any car to waypoint or after character" function (Check the latest video);
-Added "pary","sit","lay" animatios;
-Added "Play nearest scenario" function (Buddy will take a sit on nearest chair or play some other closest scenario);


-Added "GoTo" function while Buddy is driving car(Just hold the "Drive to Marker" button and release it at point where you need Buddy to drive to);

2.4b Hotfix

-Fixed critical issue that stopped script in some cases;


Attention! This update contains alot of 18+ content,so dont install this if youre under 18 years age

-Added alot of "XXX" actions (Trevors bed, Floyds sofa, Michael's Sofa, Michaele's bedside table(oposite side of bed,where all his photos are standing), Franklin's Mansion kitchen stool and some more props);
Control While you have buddy in your team, get close with him/her near props i listied above ,then hint should pop up "Press "BTN1" to have XXX"


-Fixed critical game crash issue in some cases;
-Fixed issue with "FIXED_CAMERA" function in .ini file(It should work fine now and disable camera lock if set to "false");
-Improved Buddy save outfit (Everything saves now,accept prop hats and glasses) And HeadShape of MP characters (Dont now how to get that data so far);


-A lot of control improvments (Now it splited on 4 sections : Basic / Secondary / Date stuff / Driver);
-Fixed some bugs and crashes related to adult stuff;
-Big improvements in Buddy driver mode;
-Fixed issue with Buddy fleeing while sitting in car without player and get scared;
-Added possobility to recruite Buddy if he sit in vehicle;


-New interier XXX crashing issue fixed;
-Date menu options was fixed and work as they where supposed to work;
-Improved XXX2 on foot animation;
-Added sound effect when changing camera view due xxx;
-Hug issue fixed;
-Added animation with headset in year while arrenging/canceling date;


-Updated control instructions in read me file here and in arhive (Personal Dog.txt in arhive);
-Another attemp to fix game crash in interior XXX actions for some users;
-Some Menu disapearing issue fixed;


Dont forget to replace .ini file
-Interier XXX game crash finally fixed;
-Fixed interior XXX angle issues related to some objects;
-Added option to change XXX position on Micaheles sofa;
-Removed horse figure from Michaeles xxx interior place near entrence if xxx is in use (So it wouldnt interfere with animation);
-Added blips to nearby XXX interiors;
-Added fade out effect for xxx interiors (Can be disalbed in .ini file,just set DO_FADE_OUT to "false" ,if you dont want to see black screen before and after xxx);
-Improved some animation positions and cameras;
-Replaced position of "GoTo" submenu (Now it is first in the Secondary Tire list);
-Added "Enter as Passenger" option as driving submenu (While buddy is driving some vehicle,that function will apear in list);
-Fixed some small menu bugs and buddy control as driver;
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